What is 5G

We explain what the 5G network is and what it is for, the high-speed communications technology

Today we all carry a smartphone in our pocket that we use to send WhatsApp, watch videos on YouTube, etc. To improve connectivity and significantly reduce latency, the 5G technology. This fifth generation of mobile networks will allow greater connectivity, even allowing users to everyday objects can communicate with each other and communicate with these objects.

What is 5G

It is a new mobile communications technology that will replace the current 4G networks. The 5G mobile network is characterized by offering faster data transfer speeds and improved coverage.

Within this network we have two variants, which are:


La 5G Non Stand Alone network (which has nothing to do with the US agency). Refers to this network It is based on the 4G network and the 5G connection is only used for data download. Come on, we would upload the data to the network through a 4G connection and the download (of a YouTube video, for example) would be done through this new mobile communications network.


These networks are based entirely on the 5G mobile connection. Data upload and download is based on the fifth variant.

DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing)

We also have an additional version that allows the implementation of 5G in areas where there are 4G LTE connectivity. El DSS system allows the use of 4G LTE frequencies to establish a 5G network. The good thing about these networks is that they can greatly reduce costs when using the systems already installed.

What is 5G for

Its main function is to facilitate faster mobile internet connections on our smartphone. In addition, it will bring the internet to other devices such as laptops or any device that has the ability to integrate a SIM card.

As a highlight, the 5G network will offer the user speeds up to 10Gbps. Currently networks 4G LTE offer speeds of 150Mbps and networks 4G + offer speeds of 450Mbps. But it is also estimated that the latency will be less than 1ms when the implementation is complete.

But this technology could also be said to be "ecological". This is because the energy consumption of the equipment that supplies the 5G network consume considerably less, at least on paper.

By improving bandwidth and reducing latency, this will result in a improvement in gaming. Great growth is expected in terms of smartphone gaming thanks to 5G networks.

Multimedia streaming will also be reinforced with this new network. We can watch content in 4K resolution from platforms such as YouTube, HBO or Netflix, among others, without cuts.

Basically, 5G comes to offer higher connection speeds, better coverage and lower latency than with respect to 4G networks.

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