What is and what is a smartwatch for?

Today the smartphone has become a very important part of people's lives. In addition to being in contact with friends and family, it allows you to stay informed, read or watch content on long trips, etc. More and more users are also betting on using smart watches or smartwatch, especially a trend among Apple iPhone users.

This is the reason why many manufacturers are committed to developing smart watches compatible with iPhones. Users who have Apple terminals are more likely to purchase one of these devices. But, they do not always opt for the original models, some opt for Apple Watch replica watches, either because of the price or because of its functionalities.

What is a smartwatch?

Smart watches are a technological update of the traditional watch with greater functionalities. A smartwatch, in addition to giving you the time, has functions such as measuring heart rate, conometer function, measuring distances or reading an email, among others. Smart watches typically need to be paired with a smartphone to work.


Basic functions of a smartwatch

Let's see now what are the common functions in practically all smartwatches on the market.


It wouldn't be a smartwatch without the basic function that gives it its name. In addition to telling the time, they usually offer a stopwatch, agenda function and calendar.


One of the functions that these devices usually offer is the control of the distances we travel. They have the ability to track the journey, indicate time, number of steps, and even calories lost.


They offer the possibility of controlling the time we exercise, setting time indicators for each exercise. This function can also be applied to the kitchen, study or other daily activities.

Alarm and alarm clock

Like other devices, it offers the option of adding an alarm to wake us up or to remind us of an important appointment.

Play music

If we are listening to music in public transport, on the street or while we work, we can control the playback from the smartwatch. We can change songs, search lists or pause playback, as we want.

View social interactions

They offer the ability to view emails, open WhatsApp messages or notifications from social networks. Many of the smart watches do not allow you to respond or interact with the messages.

Wellness and health

Newer versions of smartwatch add health monitoring features, which can be very useful.

Sleep monitoring

More and more smart watches allow effective sleep monitoring. These have the ability through sensors to measure breathing, pulsations or movements that the user performs while sleeping.

Weight control

If you want to lose weight, these also add plans to lose weight. They allow us to measure the calories ingested and those we have burned throughout the day. In addition, many offer notices of sedentary lifestyle, which are activated if we stay for many hours without moving.

Medical monitoring

Some smartwatches nowadays allow you to measure your heart rate and even your blood sugar level. These functions are ideal for older people, people who suffer from heart or sugar problems. They are capable of detecting abnormalities in the pulse or in sugar levels and alert the user.


Criteria when choosing a smartwatch


We can find a large number of different smartwatches on the market. We have the smartwatch pictures, which show a lot that they are a smart watch or those that imitate conventional watches. Also, most offer different types of easily interchangeable straps.


It depends on the needs and the lifestyle we will choose, we can choose different options. Most offer the options seen above, so then there are the capabilities or benefits that we want it to also have. There are those that offer to answer calls, social interaction or even with a camera to make video calls or photos.


If we are going to buy a smartwatch for Apple iPhone and we do not want an Apple Watch, we need to know if it is compatible. Most smartwatch on the market with Android Wear OS are compatible with iPhone terminals. Also, most non-Apple smartwatches are based on this operating system, so we won't have many problems.


Something that we must also take into account is the type of screen used by smart watches. We must bear in mind that the Sun can affect when viewing the screen. Therefore, we must choose smartwatches that have the least possible impact when we are on the street.


These devices usually offer several days of autonomy, although this depends on the use we make of them. We must bear in mind that they are compact systems and the battery is limited by the size of the smartwatch and the hardware it carries. The more interactions and the better screen, the less the autonomy of the smartwatch.


Disadvantages of smartwatch

Limited features

Most depend on a smartphone to function and allow very basic interactions. It usually allows you to read emails and view WhatsApp messages, but not reply to them. They are more like watches with some extra functions that may end up being useful, but of course, with limited capabilities.


In the end it is still an electronic device with a screen. Falls from height or a bad blow can cause the smartwatch to break. Although they have some resistance, this has its limits, as in the case of smartphones.

Price range

We have a wide variety of solutions on the market, both in size, shape, color and functionality. The prices also tend to fluctuate a lot and the cheaper, the less functionalities, quality and autonomy. As always, you have to find a balance between price and needs.



While smartwatches offer more features than a conventional watch, they do not offer something revolutionary or unique. For people who play sports or for people with heart disease or suffer from sugar, it can be a useful element. Unfortunately for most people these devices are of little use. Most of the functions are done by a smartphone, so its usefulness is very limited.

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