What an All in One computer

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of an All in One compared to a conventional computer and what to look for to buy one

Within the computer market we can find a great variety of systems according to the needs. One of the types of computers, possibly less known, are the All in One. These computers are characterized by integrating all the components in the screen space. So you know what you should look at these teams, we have created this all-in-one computer buying guide.

What is an All in One computer

They are compact computers whose primary hardware is built into the monitor. The traditional computer tower becomes integrated behind the screen in the same system. They are considered the intermediate step between a desktop computer and a laptop.

The processor, graphics card, RAM and storage unit are integrated into the same screen. Some can integrate elements such as DVD players or natively integrated webcams.

They differ from a monitor in thickness. Normally All in One computers tend to be thicker than a conventional monitor. Additionally, these are characterized by being heavier, by incorporating additional hardware.

Advantages and disadvantages of an All in One computer


  • They allow to save a lot of space
  • We have fewer cables
  • They are ideal when the amount of space is limited
  • They usually offer good quality screens with good resolutions
  • They allow great energy savings
  • Quite a few models offer touch capability 


  • The hardware they integrate is usually similar to that of a laptop, so its performance will be lower than that of a desktop
  • Normally they work with integrated graphics or discrete graphics, they do not give for gaming
  • They are usually quite difficult to repair
  • It is not possible to extend them
  • The components that make up cannot be customized
  • They have significant temperature problems by having limited cooling systems
  • They can be quite loud
  • Connectivity is usually much more limited than that of a desktop computer

What to keep in mind in an All in One computer


It is possibly the most important point when choosing any type of computer. For all-in-one systems this was not going to be an exception. Currently, the vast majority of All in One computers make use of Intel processors, although models based on AMD processors are beginning to appear.

Ideally, choose systems with 2-core and 4-wire processors. In addition, it is recommended that these processors offer Boost frequencies, which offers extra power and therefore performance.

Normally we will find processors that are usually intended for laptops. This type of processor is chosen for its low consumption and good performance.

Graphic card

All in One computers are commonly intended for office automation, home use and the like. This type of task does not require a lot of graphics power, which is why they usually operate with the graphics solutions integrated into the processor.

Integrating a dedicated graphics solution also poses several problems. The first is to increase the depth of this type of computer. It also means increasing the cooling capacity of the system. Finally, it represents a significant increase in the cost of the final product. It is for this reason that they are usually based on the integrated graphics of the processor.


One of the important points in any computer is the amount of RAM. In computers everything is even more important, since the graphics integrated in the processor will use the RAM of the system.

For medium use, 8GB DDR4 in Dual Channel configuration is recommended, whenever possible. Considering that we have integrated graphics and these are going to consume part of the system's RAM, we would recommend 16GB DDR4. Although with 8GB DDR4 the system worked without problems.


The recommended are SSD-type storage units. These offer better throughput rates over HDDs. Above all we will notice it in the loading times of the operating system and the software in general. Minimum 240GB capacity is recommended for average use.

Display and resolution

Here we must see several important aspects. The first of these will be the size of the panel on this screen. The ideal today is a screen of 22 inches or more, to be able to work comfortably. That the panel is tactile is an extra that can be interesting, but keep in mind that it will directly impact the final price of the product.

Regarding the resolution, it is normal for it to be 1080p. It will be difficult to find an All in One computer with a higher resolution. If you find it, the price is very likely to skyrocket.


One of the also very important aspects when purchasing a computer is connectivity. All in One type computers tend to have quite limited connectivity in many cases. So we must look at what they offer us.

On the one hand we must see that they have USB 3.0 ports, that is something very important. If you have any additional USB Type-C ports, those are also worth considering. It may also be interesting that it integrates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Not all of them offer these features, but there are many that do.

Usually this type of computer usually has an HDMI or DisplayPort port to connect a secondary monitor. If we want to work in multiscreen, it will be an aspect to take into account.


This type of All in One computers integrate speakers (the vast majority) although they are usually quite simple. Let's not expect the best sound quality in the world, although they are usually compliant. They usually integrate jack connectors for microphone input and audio output, in case we want better quality.

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