Tips and advice to buy a smartphone in 2022

Christmas is coming, that time of the year when we give gifts, and we have an extra payment that could well be used to buy a new mobile, or cell phone if you are from Latin America. Like every year, it's time to give advice, tips, recommendations or whatever you want to call it, to buy a new smartphone.

What should we take into account when buying new cellular? What factors should we take into account? Now we go with the advice and tips:

Minimum 4 GB of RAM, to be able to multitask

Technological advances in mobiles are causing applications to inadvertently consume more. 2 GB of RAM has been insufficient for years when Spotify easily occupies 1 GB almost in the background, between searching for streams and using algorithms. The same for games like Free Fire or Among Us. These games are characterized by the fact that, in theory, they ask for very little, but that is to be active. A cell phone can be a multitasking tool, like being connected to the internet while reporting notifications, sending them to a wearable, and managing your position using GPS.

We have been years that 3 GB are enough, but we must think about the future. One of 4 GB, which at the level of smartphones, is not much anymore, it will be a correct decision in the future to ensure that it will continue to receive future app and operating system updates.

The flagships are for enthusiasts, but the mid-range meets your expectations

You have seen that Xiaomi terminal announced with many GB of RAM, the latest Snapdragon, five cameras and instant battery charging. It sounds great, but one thing to keep in mind is that these are flagships aimed at ultra-enthusiasts. Those who make intensive use of the properties of the mobile, and that can be deducted through company expenses, self-employed, or paid by the company.

Any manufacturer has a more restrained range of cell phones available to users with features that are still at the forefront of output. They are the models that make up the bulk of the manufacturers' sales and therefore, you will easily find accessories, and they will continue to have very correct features.

Add the basic accessories to the budget

It is said of a certain case store in Spain that it is impossible for them to stand up, but the reality is that it makes sense because they sell the accessories that every inhabitant who has a smartphone uses. And countless people have a cell phone that needs a case, tempered glass, ring holder, camera protector and cleaner and more things they can have.

They sound like luxuries, but they really are accessories that you should have as soon as the mobile leaves the store. We always carry mobiles with us and we move them a lot, and accidents happen. It can fall off, or you can put them in a bag and have the keys scratch the screen. Especially if the model is a new model, with which a couple of tens of euros to protect a new terminal from falls, it is a great investment.

Connectivity is important, but if you are going to use it

5G for mobile phones allows you to have heart-stopping speeds in the palm of your hand, if you have a data plan and coverage that allows it. And really, very rarely will be the time when you really need a 5G. If you are broadcasting an event live, or you move a lot of data in a professional way, a 4G rate is more than enough. With this we say that you do not opt ​​for a mobile that promises 5G speeds, because rare will be the moment in which its speed is essential to you and at the same time you have it contracted and covered.

Connectivities that are worthwhile are charging via USB-C, which is something that will soon be imposed, but there may be some wild model that still uses Micro-USB. NFC is another connectivity that is widely used, especially when paying with Google Pay, and compatibility with public transport apps. This allows us to have several cards for daily use in the mobile that we always carry with us. That it is more common to forget the wallet than the mobile.

Accompany it with a wearable

This could go along with the accessories, but the reality is that today it is rare to conceive of having a smartphone and not having at least one bracelet for notifications. Fewer and fewer ringtones are heard on public transport or on the street, so they are doing something right. Not only is the silence of others valued, it is that we have the certainty in our wrist that it is us who they call or send messages to, especially if we are in chat groups of several people who love to talk.

Currently, the most recommended in wearables are smart bracelets that tell the time, allow you to receive notifications and little else. Do not fall into the range of athletes, since, unless you have to monitor your physical activity a lot, it is not going to make enough use of many of the activity tracking functions that they have. Likewise, you should opt for one from a reputable brand that has its own app, not one from an unknown brand that connects to a generic app.

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