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How to make the YouTube algorithm recommend videos that we want to see

The Youtube algorithm is how the platform's video recommendation system is known. On a bad day, it seems useless to you, but when it works, it helps us discover channels and videos that we did not know. How to make the most of it?

Here are several tips on how to improve YouTube's recommendation system so that little by little, it will recommend videos that are interesting to you. It takes some time, but it is based on clearly telling YouTube what you want to consume.

How does the algorithm really work?

The short answer is: no one knows what makes the YouTube algorithm recommend a video to you. The long answer is that the recommendation system wants you to keep watching videos constantly and for this reason it will recommend videos that, according to patterns it has seen in other users similar to you, it will recommend them to you to see if you see them. Due to its enormous volume of content and need to promote, it is much more realistic for them to depend on bots and algorithms for many of its most basic tasks such as recommending videos or recognize products.

Youtube will never post how the system actually works. It is something that not even its own creators know how it works, and it better be so. In the event that it is known how it works internally, that information would have already been leaked and many Youtubers would have taken advantage of it. There is a lot of talk on social networks about what it is that takes away your visibility or not, but the reality is that if those leaks about what takes away your visibility and what gives you greater viability, even if it is something marginal, were true, there would be millions of accounts replicating it and spamming it.

The closest thing that is known about the YouTube algorithm is that it follows Google's interests in wanting to show quality, well-paid ads to interested users. How it does it depends on how the system values ​​its own results. YouTube is constantly testing itself to achieve that result that Google wants with the algorithm, and as it discovers that if something works better than its previous result, it will give it preference. This is why there is so much speculation about the changes it makes.

Enter YouTube through your subscription page so you don't miss out on any of your subscriptions

Many people complain that Youtube “It doesn't show my subscriptions and I don't get them” and blame it entirely on the algorithm. This is easily explained by many people rely entirely on seeing their subscriptions through the home page. But the main page of Yotube is not the subscription tab, nor is it its work. It is on the page of your subscriptions where all the new videos of all the channels to which you are subscribed will appear.

Simply, if in the bookmarks bar of your browser, instead of putting the link to the YouTube entry page is this one that takes you to your subscriptions. So, yes, you are not going to miss anything from the creators that interest you. The notification bells do not affect anything about the algorithm or SEO, you simply tell YouTube that every time I put out a new video, it will notify you and send you an email.

Tell the algorithm what you don't want it to recommend

Many think that if you give a "I do not like it” to a video, he's going to take it as if you don't want to see it, but that's not the case. Youtube takes it that you disagree with what it says. In the event that he recommends you content that you have already seen because you are looking for new videos, you must tell him not to recommend the video anymore and specify that you have already seen it.

Youtube also recommends based on the history of videos you have seen, so having a history that reflects what you watch and like is ideal because of the algorithm. If you have seen a video and do not want me to recommend more of this type, you can go to your history and delete the videos The kind you don't want me to recommend. And if by any chance you want to watch a video from a channel that you know you don't want to be recommended, you can use the browser's private browsing that will allow you to watch it without being related to your viewing history.

If you see a channel upload content you no longer like, you can unsubscribe. The algorithm will understand that you no longer like anything that is uploaded and will stop recommending it to you. It is important to tell the algorithm what you don't like and what you don't want to see so that he understands what you may like. At least this way you reduce the probability that he will recommend videos that you are not interested in.

Tell the Yotube algorithm what you like

Give him " ” to a video is not only to benefit the content creator, it is to tell the Youtube algorithm that you like the content and it will understand that you want to see more. It will not make you search for more content from the same creator, but from many similar ones based on its own results and those of other users.

All these steps are extremely simple to improve the YouTube experience. It is true that they involve a small effort for the end user, but it is the best way for YouTube to discover content that interests us in the long term, and not recommend channels that we are not interested in seeing.

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