5G is not dangerous to health, it is safe and useful

We have been talking about the 5G implementation. All the big cities and all the operators in the world want to offer what they consider to be the future of connectivity. Being able to send 4K resolution content in real time and with minimal latency is the future. This has the potential to revolutionize communications as we know it today.

But with every great technological innovation, a question always arises: is it safe? In this case, the energy that is released into the environment is the biggest concern about whether 5G is a health hazard. What does our current knowledge say about it?

First of all, we must understand that this is what our current knowledge tells us. They are based on studies with their proper reviews and screening systems. It is not perfect, but today it is a very reliable system that ensures that we have the most solid knowledge about it.

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Is 5G safe?

With all that we know, the general answer assumed by the scientific community is that 5G is safe. At least it has the same level of security as the communication systems we are using right now. There are no cases where it can be proven that wireless communications over WiFi, 3G, 4G or even 5G are the sole and direct cause of any health problem.

It is possible that you have seen the cases of some people who claim to be electrosensitive or have electromagnetic hypersensitivity. However, double-blind tests state that they are not able to distinguish when they are receiving electromagnetic radiation from a router or a cell tower or not. Its symptoms are real, but the cause tends more to be a psychosomatic response, mainly due to fear resulting from ignorance of technology. That does not imply that they do not need treatment, as these people are suffering, but it must be treated from a psychological factor.

The associations that represent these people totally disagree and assure that it must occur as a health problem. It is a problem similar to vaccines, where they are known to be safe and the risks are negligible, with very few cases of adverse effects compared to the advantages they offer.

Going back to 5G, the stations will be new and use less power than 4G. An independent association, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) cConfirm that the levels are safe. It is recognized by the WHO and certifies that it has not been possible to see a rise in temperature in any object within the legal levels of 5G. This means that even in the most exposure to 5G that someone can be there will not be any interference with the organism. These observations have been shared by the FCC, which is specialized in mobile issues generating a higher rise in temperature than legally allowed.

Are there mobiles compatible with the 5?

Yes, more and more mobile phones that are coming onto the market are compatible with 5G. Below we show some of them.

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G for almost € 600 It is perhaps the cheapest option to enjoy it. Xiaomi's top-of-the-line is still a great purchase option if you're willing to lighten your current account a lot
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G by 1280€ on Amazon It is perhaps the model that most assures us of a good guarantee and a productivity suite. For Samsung fans it is considered a perfect mobile.

You have to understand that having access also depends on our operator. 5G is not cheap by any means, because right now it is something very luxurious that may take a few years to reach the whole world and be accessible.

Is the difference with 4G much?

Here it is somewhat more complicated, but with the tests that analysts have done, it is difficult to pay a premium for 5G. It is true that it is objectively faster, but unless you want to consume and produce content in 4K, you are not going to notice faster downloads. It is true that there are improvements in games, with more stability and less ping. But even so, there aren't too many mobile games that require 5G, at least we don't have relatively available WiFi. There is also the problem that few apps are optimized to manage 5G connections.

Can 5G be used now?

Yes, there is already use for 5G, but the biggest successes are in professional tests. Almost all the improvements occur in the professional field in order to connect dozens of devices at high speed and with little ping. Almost everything comes down to being able to connect wireless devices to mobile networks with speeds like those of WiFi faster, making it logistically easier to implement cameras and communication systems.

Is there 5G in Spain?

Yes, right now there is 5G coverage if you are a Vodafone customer. But it is only available in 15 cities, so you should check the coverage to see if you can take advantage of it. Orange and Movistar will still take a little longer before making this technology accessible to the public.

What problems does 5G bring?

We must ask ourselves if this new technology can harm us in several aspects, and they are not without problems. The most dangerous is that meteorological measurements will be more inaccurate. This is because the 24GHz band is close to the frequency used by satellites to measure the evolution of water vapor. This causes the accuracy of future weather reports to be lost by 30%.

It will also force us to retune the television to accommodate the new dividend. We will have to look if our antenna is well adapted and consult a specialized technician, but we will make a text of that later.

Will it consume more battery?

This is more difficult to say, as the time spent and the efficiency of the chips will have to be calculated. Based on published evidence, most of the rise in consumption is caused by switching between 5G and 4G. It is expected that if the band is not changed in the end, the difference in consumption will not be appreciable, this added to the energy efficiency improvements.

With all this we can see that 5G can really revolutionize the industry. It is expected that dozens of wireless cameras can be connected, making it unnecessary to connect clusters of cables in a sports space. That's just one example, but in short we have more speed, less latency and potentially savings in infrastructure. It is estimated that 75% of large companies will use this technology, with more than 4.100 million connected devices by 2024. It can even be an engine of the economy. According to GSMA It can represent almost 3% of GDP growth, with other studies that assure that they will create 22 million jobs with an economic impact of up to 3,5 trillion (European, of course) dollars.

Still, for normal consumers it will simply be more speed on mobile. However, this can bring more professional production tools closer to people who do not want to invest huge amounts of money.

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