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Configuration Gamer Basic Pentium 460

Basic Pentium 460 Gamer configuration in which we have opted for the Intel Pentium G4560 processor and the XFX RX 460 DualFan OC 4GB GDDR5 graphics card and higher quality components than a basic range.

We wanted to bring you an interesting gaming budget, which is between the entry range and the mid-range. This Gamer Basic Pentium 460 Configuration equipment is characterized by having quality solutions that will guarantee us good gaming games at 1080p resolutions with a good frame rate, with an adjusted price. Unfortunately, the budget exceeds € 600 due to the problem of RAM, which is excessively expensive and is an aspect in which we have cut a little. As a base for this equipment we have used the powerful Intel Pentium G4560 processor and the XFX RX 460 DualFan OC 4GB GDDR5 graphics card. We will see the components in more detail.


Processor. As we have commented, we have opted for the Intel Pentium G4560 processor, which we were able to test on a computer that Coolmod sent us and that really offers incredible features and benefits. This processor belonging to the Intel Kaby Lake family has two cores and four processing threads, with a single frequency of 3.5GHz, no less than 3MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 54W, which makes it a versatile high-performance processor. benefits. (PVP: 59.96 €)

Cooler. It should be noted that we could calmly opt for the factory heatsink for this processor, since it has a very low TDP, but we have opted for a more advanced solution ideal for compact equipment that allows it to extend the useful life. Specifically, we have chosen the Noctua NH-L9I cooler, which has a 92mm PWM fan that works between 300RPM at its minimum and 1800RPM at its maximum. A great solution that will extend the life of our processor. (PVP: € 40.95)

Motherboard. We have selected the Gigabyte H110M-Gaming 3 micro-ATX format motherboard because we want to make a compact device but with quality features. As the processor does not support overclocking we do not need a motherboard with a better chipset and the motherboards for Skylake support Kaby Lake processors with a simple BIOS update. There are cheaper solutions, but we have opted for this one due to the quality of the finishes and the touch of red lighting that will look great with the selected tower. Also, as we can see, the two DIMM slots for the DDR4 RAM and the PCIe 3.0 x16 port are shielded, a touch of excellent quality. It has this motherboard in the area of ​​I / O ports, as more prominent, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, in addition to having VGA and HDMI video outputs. (PVP: 65.95 €)

Graphic card. The possibilities in this field are very wide, but we are looking for an entry-level gaming equipment with quality touches and that is why we have chosen this XFX RX 460 DualFan OC 4GB graphics card. Yes, we could have chosen an RX 500 Series, but these consume more and generate more heat and are basically these same graphics cards with OC by AMD, so we consider that the solution of an RX 460 is more than enough to play at 1080p with a good frame rate. The XFX are also characterized by having good dissipation systems and having a very reasonable price. As video outputs, this graphics card has a DVI-D, a DisplayPort and an HDMI. (PVP: 140.95 €)

RAM. This has been the main drawback when working on the configuration of this equipment. We wanted to go for 16GB of RAM, but the price was more than double that of the selected option. We have opted for a Patriot Viper Elite 8GB 2x4GB 2133MHz CL14. Two RAM modules are better than one, since we take advantage of the DualChannel obtaining an overall performance improvement. We should have more than enough with these 8GB, in addition, Patriot is a very good brand of RAM, so we have quality for a very reasonable price. (PVP: 61.95 €)

SSD. We do not contemplate a gaming equipment without one of these units, therefore we have opted for a Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB SSD, a unit that has a really incredible price and that offers us a reading speed of up to 550MB / s and a writing speed up to 490MB / s. (PVP: 85.95 €)

HDD. The idea currently is to opt for an SSD as the primary drive due to the great features they offer and to opt for a large capacity HDD to store files and games. We have opted for this case for a 2TB 3.5 ”Western Digital Blue, which offers us a large storage capacity and great features (PVP: 69.95 €)

Power supply. A power supply without certification at least 80Plus Bronze is not even an option, since these power supplies guarantee us an efficiency greater than 80%. Specifically, we have chosen the Cougar VTX 80Plus Bronze 450W power supply, which offers products of excellent quality. Perhaps the only downside of this power supply is that it is not modular, but to adjust the price we had to ignore this feature. (PVP: 45.96 €)

Chassis. We wanted it to be a compact device and since the motherboard offers illumination by means of red LEDs, we have opted for this Talius Hydra Red Window Cube, which supports two 3.5 "hard drives and one 2.5" SSD, which makes it ideal for our intentions. It supports micro-ATX motherboards, the cooler that we have chosen will enter without major problems and also has a large 200mm front fan with regulation on the top panel, which is ideal. It has two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 in the front area. (PVP: 51.95 €)


The entire Gamer Basic Pentium 460 equipment is priced at € 623.56. Yes, we know that it is a high amount for an entry-level gaming equipment and we have opted for some slightly better components that will give us some extra benefits. If we wanted, we could opt for simpler and less striking motherboards, saving between € 15-20, we can also choose to reduce the HDD, saving another € 20. We do not recommend doing without the SSD, because the overall performance of the equipment would drop very significantly. We could also do without the Noctua cooler in this Basic Pentium 460 Gamer, saving € 41, which is a quality complement to make a high-performance set.

Changes can be made in this Gamer Basic Pentium 460, but always keeping in mind some minimum precepts. RAM is unfortunately the cheapest in two-module format to take advantage of the DualChannel that we have been able to find. Regarding the graphics card and the processor, we do not recommend looking for something inferior, in both cases we would go looking for something superior, although this Intel Pentium G4560 processor supports graphics cards up to the NVIDIA GTX 1060 without problems, perhaps already with the GTX 1070 we have some problems of bottleneck. The power supply, we will not find a better one for less price, having an excellent quality. Perhaps the chassis could accommodate the modification, but we have loved the front fan of this Gamer Basic Pentium 460 computer, which introduces a large airflow, which guarantees that the components will be very cool.

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  1. In Argentina that mother I do not see that it is in the country, but I suppose it must be more expensive than an Asrock H110, but just looking at the price of the heatsink, it would just jump to a 1050Ti, and it would leave a memory of 8 that I know that I lose performance but I would be leaving it for the future to expand to 16. At least it is my concept of an Entry Gamer, a tight budget without frills that affect the gameplay in general and the possibility of expanding, something that just seeing the option of the heatsink disagrees, but like i said its totally my point of view and i might be wrong

    1. I share your idea of ​​0 luxuries in tight budgets ... there are also very good quality MoBo's, without RGB for example and simpler heatsinks and if in the end there is no OC, that would be where I could save along with an SSD of the, itad of capacity, finally everything else stops on the HDD ... besides that you get the lighting and dissipation from the Chassis (I prefer black with silver and blue light details) we save a little more on the heatsink ah !! and the performance in general for the Dual channel is not so much, as to support it and in the near future to upgrade

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