Analyzing computer repair shops

Sooner or later, we are going to need to repair our computer and it is good to know which company or local service can repair it. At first glance, one may think that anyone who knows computer science is worth it, but it must be borne in mind that not all computer scientists serve the same purpose.

If you have a contact who is a web or software programmer, he will not be the best one to fix physical damage to the computer. The best analogy to explain this is the following: if you need an engineer to design a car, you are not looking for an aeronautical engineer. This is why you have to look for computer specialists specialized in repairs.

Neighborhood Repairs… Are They Enough?

The first thing you can think of is to take it to the electronics store in your neighborhood, or in the municipality. Rarely today is the small municipality of a few thousand inhabitants that does not have a computer repair station. It is a good fast and accessible alternative, but many stores, being small, will have limited resources.

This implies that they will not have a large warehouse in which to have spare parts except for the most common parts, which means a longer waiting time until they have the necessary parts. Another point is that they cannot guarantee you with total security that the repair will be successful, as it is a very small team.

At heart, they are an unofficial and very small workshop. They are there for when you need to be by the side and don't know where to look. If the repair is light and of something common, they work, but when it is something more specialized you have to go to the next level.

The official workshop ... while the warranty lasts

The official workshop tends to be the best possible option. At the end of the day, it is the official workshop and therefore they have the specialized technicians and the necessary parts of the products for their replacement and repair. But first of all, they do it especially if you have the guarantee, that it is easy to lose it and forget to store it.

In addition, it is very likely that they will try to hinder the warranty repair, if for example they believe that you have been misused, of which they themselves have the last word to accept a computer under warranty. You also have to make sure that it is their part that is causing problems. So… the problem with your computer is the RAM, the CPU, the power supply, the heat sink? There are many variants.

With the case of mobiles it is somewhat simpler and you simply have to take it to the brand's workshop. But it is possible that you have a computer of a lesser brand and between shipping and repair costs out of warranty it will not pay you. A point in favor is that at least with the recent Spanish laws, the official workshops must have the spare parts for ten years after they have stopped selling, but it is likely that being the workshop in France, Germany or the United Kingdom, there will be a conflict of laws due to whether or not they refer to where they have the repair center and do not have the need to offer it.

Is there a middle ground?

Let's say that we do not have the mandatory guarantee and that we do not trust neighborhood workshops as it is a relatively unknown mobile or that our computer has very sensitive parts and we want the best. There are specialized online repair companies that deal with official workshops such as The Mobile World company. Being specialized in the repair of mobile phones, they have specialized machines to repair all kinds of components, and a huge warehouse with components and parts from different manufacturers and suppliers, so that as soon as your mobile arrives, they can immediately repair it. We put this example the same for the repair of computers, tablets and laptops, since in that same workshop carry out computer repairs in Spain, so in the end we will have a single place to send our devices to repair and it will become our trusted workshop.

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