This is the performance of Voltistar batteries for HP laptops

A laptop is really useful, since it allows you to continue accessing the qualities of a PC with a minimum of power, and with more comfort than depending on a mobile. It allows us to have a good screen, a good keyboard and a trackpad to do any operation that we would normally do on a tower anywhere. They are the best friend of university students, since they can take notes and at the same time have something to play after their study hours in their room, without the physical commitment of a tower. But the broad reason for its high price compared to normal towers is its portability, which depends on a battery that deteriorates over time.

Over time, usually several years and after even additional warranty years, the laptop becomes less portable and we end up needing a new battery. You can try ordering a new battery from the official technical service, but the options of third-party components that have practically the same functionality and are more accessible are growing.

First of all, is it worth buying an unofficial battery?

Although the technical service must offer you at least two years of guarantee and with the recent Spanish and European laws they must have spare parts for at least ten years since they stopped supplying the stores, in reality, this is very impractical for end users. this is that it is very difficult to prove and keep an invoice from eight years ago, when you most need a key spare without which the laptop is not a laptop and turns into a strange box that you can take to other places without worrying about many accessories like monitor, keyboard, or mouse. but that's what Mini PCs are for.

A laptop by its very nature allows you to use it without having it connected to the network, and for this it needs a battery. For example, it can be useful for taking notes at a conference, or it allows you to play a game on the AVE, or simply allow you to browse the internet during a break from work or in a park with greater comfort and versatility than the mobile.

So now, is it worth the risk of buying a battery before a new laptop? Our answer is yes. Laptops are not cheap to replace and the people who need them take advantage of them. Now, is it worth the risk of buying a battery before a new laptop? Our answer is yes. Laptops are not cheap to replace and the people who need them take advantage of them well and it is not a good taste dish that just because you need a new battery you have to consider buying another laptop. It's still working internally, and it would be a waste to throw it away.

This is why battery stores are successful. They are not official, but they fix the problem for as long as it takes while the laptops are still working and only the battery is missing. This is why it can be a good solution rather than trying to deal with customer service and searching for a warranty.

What can an unofficial battery offer us for our HP laptop?

We have already commented that it is unofficial material, which has to compete against the official workshop in aspects such as availability, ease of access or price. All this means that you can simply order online in a store to order hp laptop batteries and it will be much easier than dealing with HP service in person.

You look for your laptop model, you look for the battery model it uses, and you wait for it to come home. There is no more mystery than that, and it makes life a lot easier, since that way we will return it to our laptop so that it remains that, a laptop, and not a very strange and easy-to-carry Mini-Pc.

But it has problems that it may not work as well as an official battery. In addition, it will completely deny any response from the manufacturer if you finally plan to use the guarantee, because you will be using an unauthorized product. But before the latter, it is most likely that the guarantee has already expired and you have nothing to lose. If that, there may be a difference between the time of optimal use between the official and the unofficial, even being able to reach more hours of use, but for users, it will be hardly noticeable.

What Voltistar batteries offer us

One of the brands that offers more models of HP batteries to replace the laptop is Voltistar. The brand itself boasts of having high-quality materials, with which we try to ensure that they will be comparable to the originals in terms of resistance to dust, wear and tear, and even hours of use. Being from third parties does not mean that they are of poor quality, since the intention is to be a trusted alternative and recommended to official batteries.

Nor is it about a warehouse in a strange country that takes advantage of any site to meet less than the minimum. Their batteries have been found to comply with battery labeling, and with circuitry to prevent overheating and fire retardant materials. Which are cases that we would not like to happen, but in this case it is better to be cautious.

Precisely from this brand, there are about 400 models of batteries available, so our laptop is most likely among them if it is not a strange model. The big brands repeat the battery models in many of their models to save on molds, patents and designs, with which many more than 400 laptops of the big brands are covered by these parts.

We believe that, in the absence of the official battery, we can hardly find a better substitute. It fulfills what should be asked of a battery that is a replacement: allow us to use our laptop when a battery runs out. It is barely distinguishable from the original battery and achieves charge and active times that allow the laptop to continue to be used beyond the original warranty. We especially recommend it against having to buy a new laptop because the manufacturer does not have replacement batteries in terms of price and support.

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