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How to choose well which mobile rate to contract?

Hiring a mobile line is an important decision. We are going to hire coverage, a bag or not of hours to call mobile and landlines, national or not; and data to surf the internet. We do not realize its importance, but nowadays we always carry our mobile with us and it needs a data rate to be something more than a miniature computer in our home.

What mobile rate to choose? We have many options in the market, and searching for them is an arduous task, but what is more important is knowing what type of mobile rate we need. So we can set maximum price limits, and even minimum services that we need. Knowing this will reduce us a lot, and to calculate it we need the first point:

First of all, know the lifestyle we lead

This is the most important. There are so many possible mobile rate options that it is unlikely that one will not suit us within certain margins. If we are very homey and little nomads, yes, we will be interested in a cheap mobile rate that covers us with a few gigabytes per month. Then, if we talk a lot and it is imperative to make calls, a package that includes calls will be ideal. If we are barely at home or we use it constantly very intensively away from home, we will have to go to a rate with unlimited data.

Calculate the price of calls

Today, the call section is one of the least used on the mobile, but it does not mean that it is an important factor to be available for a call at all times when necessary. If you have a business that needs to call a lot, look for a rate with calls at a very low cost or with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles to compensate for the extra price on a cheap rate, or at least not have to do calculations with the number of calls we make Even the cheapest rates offer a number of monthly minutes, but by making long or many calls to numbers that are not covered, we will end up having an extra cost in the monthly mobile bill.

Does it include 5G?

This one is for the most enthusiastic. Does 5G have the coverage offered by the data rate? If we are to see through streaming on the mobile, we are going to thank the 5G. It is not a technology that many users are going to imperatively need, but as the internet adapts its possibilities to the extension of 5G throughout the world, having it in our data rate will help. Of course, first of all, we must see that our mobile is compatible.

Cumulative data

Cumulative data will be a blessing if we have a very irregular rhythm or at least with seasons in which we do not need mobile data. Well organized, one month we will be able to have the gigabytes of the previous month available, or a large part of them, without worrying that they will run out and we will have to buy data bonuses or endure low minimum speeds by not being able to cut off our data.

The idea of ​​transferring unused data to the following month is becoming more and more widespread, within certain limits, since it is data for which we have paid on our bill. not all operators do it, but those who do, stand out above the rest.

Unlimited data rate, the last frontier

These data rates in which there are practically no limits on monthly consumption are for those who spend a lot of time away from WiFi access. If we contract a rate of this type, we can not worry about running out of data, and unlimited national calls will surely come. Of course, some operators reserve the right to tell us that we are not using the data correctly and that is at their discretion, so we do not recommend unsubscribing from the internet at home and using the mobile as the only internet access point.

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