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Key factors when choosing a laptop and not making a mistake

The market laptops it is still a booming market. Although gaming computers offer us raw power, laptops offer us mobility, and a very high range of products that adapt to our needs.

As detailed as they are, the differences are great and may be due to not having more ports, weighing more than it should or not having the latest Wi-Fi. Here we will guide you to make the correct purchase.


The most important thing of all is that you can afford it, and that is going to mark your purchase of a laptop. Given the wide selection of models they have, the outstanding offers and more, there are websites such as PcComponents that offer the option that the elements listed in a section are organized by price. So you can fully set a purchase limit and see which models fit or not what you plan to spend.

Sometimes it is interesting to increase the budget a little if you can afford it. Going up from 600 to 700 euros can greatly expand the range of laptops and reach those with features that They will serve you better and can extend the life of your laptop.

Storage capacity

The standard storage of a laptop has always been one of the important reasons to choose one. And it is that there we are going to store files, and it is going to need space for the programs that we are going to install, and the elements that we download. Whatever your use, the size of the serial storage is to consider.

Fortunately, today it is very easy to expand the internal memory of a laptop, as they are easier to disassemble and repair. Now, what amount of minimum storage do we recommend? Easily at least 256GB, which many M.2 SSDs in laptops have. But as soon as you install a large game, those 256 GB will fall short immediately, so the recommended minimum begins to be 521 GB. It is possible that the storage is divided into two SSDs and the memory announced is the sum of both. Check if it is possible to expand the capacity of the laptop, so that in case you fall short, you can easily improve it and not run out of space.


This one is more difficult to say. It is a mixture of several factors, such as the range, and how old it is. Do not just decide that one has an i7, if said i7 is from six years ago or more, because in certain processes it may be out of phase. The same, that you do not automatically opt for one because it is new, because one with four new cores can end up looking a lot like one of a higher range from two years ago.

portable enterprise slimbook i7-12700H

As a general rule, those of the lower ranges such as i3 or Ryzen 3 are for the most basic. Although they can move games if they are new models, they can suffer a bit. Although they serve very well for office automation, and some simpler programs.

RAM memory

Here it is clearer. Minimum, it should have 16 GB of RAM to not collapse with multitasking and current programs. More and more it is optimized for this amount of RAM. It is true that several years ago, 8 GB was considered enough, but they have become outdated and now, although they are not an entirely bad option, a 16 GB option will always be better, preferably dual channel.

32 GB is enough, and although you will most likely not use it at all, you make sure that the laptop is not going to choke with various processes not go slower. Although this is an option, let's say premium, but not entirely a luxury. In the event that in the future you want to increase the RAM, it is possible that you can, checking the type of memory that the motherboard allows, to choose the correct format, and what frequencies your CPU allows so as not to take those that have maximum frequencies that your CPU does not allow.

The use that you are going to give it

If you are going to use it merely to be able to take notes at the university, or only for remote work that does not require extremely specialized software, the entry ranges are what you should aspire to. In these cases, they are one more terminal, very secondary and that is going to be used for what is fair and necessary. It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money on it, but within a limited budget, check which one has enough features for day to day.

If you already aspire to be able to play video games, especially the most recent ones, it is time to go for the highest gaams. In this case, check that the graphics card is at least a 1060 GB GTX 6 or equivalent, and that the CPU is a relatively recent Ryzen 5 or i5 so that the laptop does not become outdated after a few years. It is true that you will have a large number of games to play, and you can choose to play in minimum, but there comes a point where the minimum requirements that the games ask for exceed what you have.

Size and weight

A laptop, as its name suggests, allows you to move it by having an installation that consists of simply connecting it to a socket. This is why its size and weight will matter, depending on how much you move it. If you need a laptop because you come home from your rented flat on weekends during university classes, a bigger laptop shouldn't matter too much, if it's your home terminal at the end of the day, and it just moves with you. In the event that you wear it daily, it is a good idea to opt for a smaller or lighter model with fewer features, since the ease of carrying it is important.

Luckily, the weight is no longer so extreme, and laptops weighing five kilos are almost non-existent, even pulling the highest ranges. Here we have reviewed several laptops, and very rare has been the one that exceeds two kilos of weight. It is an easy weight to carry on your back in a backpack on a daily basis. About the thickness, the same, because those that do not exceed three centimeters thick are becoming more and more common, even in gaming ranges. This is an actor that is only going to be decisive in the most extreme cases today.

your graphics card

Unless you are really only going to use it for the most basic and the integrated graphics in the CPU can serve, you are going to need a laptop with a graphics card. One with the equivalent of GTX 1650 can still be used to play almost all current games, even if it is minimal, and do more basic video and photo editing tasks, if you are not a video editor.

Pulling at higher ranges, there are those with an RTX 2080 or higher, which are a more gaming range. They are more expensive, but you know that you will not be left behind quickly, and that you will be able to use design applications faster and more efficiently. It is an element that many believe is only useful for playing video games, but any use you give it, supported by a graphics card, will perform better.


Whether the type of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the USB and USB-C ports it has, whether it can be charged via USB cable... All of this is important because you never know when you are going to need to connect something. USB ports are necessary to connect a game controller, or the most basic of USB storage. With two USB ports, it may be enough, but as long as you want to add accessories such as using external storage for backup copies, a controller to play games, and more efficient mice and keyboards than those that come with the standard laptop, you still need more. USB connectors.

Are you going to expand it in the future?

Laptops are much more limited in terms of expandability going forward. But that doesn't mean you can't do it. Currently, it is relatively easy to expand the RAM and internal memory capacity using an M.2 SSD.

accessories are important

Laptops are a good base on which to start having a system. Now, as a good base, they will need accessories. What can you put? Think that you are still going to need some other accessory such as a cooling base to prevent the table or the computer itself from heating up.

The trackpad of a laptop works, but for gaming it is not necessary and you will need a mouse. Do not underestimate that you will need extra expenses. And that's not counting services like cloud storage to avoid losing your files, photos and more if your laptop is lost or stolen. The purchase of a laptop is not the end.

Watch out for Chromebooks

We dedicate a section to this range of products from different brands, because they depend entirely on Google's online and cloud services. Although they turn out to be very attractive in price, they are entirely dependent on having a constant, or regular, internet connection.

chromebook amd sales

As here we have had problems with Google accounts, having a device that depends on its services can be a risk if we lose access to our account and with it everything we have left in its drives, docs and more.

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