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Guide to start in Eobot [Updated December 2019]

Getting a few 'satoshi' without mining Bitcoin is relatively easy. There are different formulas on the net, including Eobot, a page to obtain bitcoins through cloud mining. The platform allows us to get a bit of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Litecoin.

If we are going to start, highlight that it is best to mine coins that have little value. This allows us to accumulate a greater amount of coins in a shorter period of time. Among the best options are Dogecoin, Tron or Cardano. If we are going to bid to buy mining power (which we do not recommend) we could opt for coins of more value.

Eobot registration

As in many websites, there is an option to register (LINK A EOBOT). This is a simple process that only requires a name, surname, email and password and that's it. It seems not very secure, since it does not ask us to repeat the password. Nothing happens, we can save it without problems. Isn't that highly insecure? Yes, but to log in each time you must enter a code that will come to our email. This is called 'two-step verification' or '2FA'. It guarantees that no one will be able to access our account without verification. Cool, right?

Eobot Dashboard

Once we go inside, we have a series of coins and things that we have no idea what they are and how they work. The first thing is that we will see everything to zero, since we do not have any currency and we do not have mining power yet 'contracted'. Here come two options: checkout or do the daily faucet.

NOTE: The faucet has been deactivated, it seems, temporarily, although there is no data on when they will activate it again

What's that faucet? The faucet is nothing more than a kind of coupon, which is shown to us on the screen. We introduce the word or words that appear and it will give us a specific coin. DON'T DO IT YET THE FAUCET, WAIT 

What matters to us is the coins and creating a mining strategy. The logical thing would be to do an All-in to Bitcoin, but that would be a monumental shit. I will explain below the best strategies to get the most profitability.

I do not understand what I see?

Let's take Bitcoin, as an example for this case. You see under the name of this cryptocurrency in blue that a zero, a point and a string of zeros appear more and then BTC. That's what you have mined from this coin. Underneath it puts the dollar symbol ($) and a figure in green. It tells us how much Bitcoin is worth in real time according to CoinMarketCap. Below we see the dollar symbol in green, a zero, a point and another string of zeros. This tells us the dollar value of what we have mined and that happens with all currencies. (Cloud SETI, Cloud Folding, and Cloud Mining are not currencies, we'll explain later.)

If you want to see it in other currencies, it is easy, in the upper right, above Ripple you will see that it says 'Display Currency'. We open this drop-down menu and we can put it in Euros, Pounds, Rubles, etc., and we can even put it in Bitcoin.

Optimal strategies


It is the obvious and the simplest, to put everything on a coin. I do not recommend jumping to mine Bitcoin, I would go to mine the cryptocurrencies that have less value. It seems silly, but there is a minimum withdrawal that we will explain later, so based on this, it is better to mine coins that are worth little, since getting the minimum of Bitcoin, can cost us our lives.

DogeCoin and ByteCoin are the cheapest and the best options. Then we have Cardano and XEM and finally Ripple. MaidSafeCoin, Golem, GridCoin, and CureCoin are the least interesting, as they tend to be slow to rise. The best are Cardano and Ripple, but getting the minimum amount will cost us a lot, better DOGE and BCN, which are easily mined.

Eggs in various baskets

It may be that we mine Ripple and it stagnates in value and for whatever reason DOGE shoots up to a dollar and we have lost profitability, that would screw us. EOBOT has a great thing and that is that it allows you to mine different currencies without having to be aware.

Above the Bitcoin, it says 'Mining' and if we click, a drop-down menu appears. It allows us to mine everything that appears in the panel, but it has a great option which is 'Divesify'. If we click, this appears:

Below each icon, we have a box that we can select. We can select the ones we want, it does not matter, but the more we select, the more it will cost us to reach a certain amount of coins. The best is two or three coins at most and GHS 4.0. The latter is the mining power. What we do is mine mining power, to get more mining power and thus get more coins.

The best option is DOGE, BCN and GHS 4.0, and it will rotate between these currencies, every ten minutes, depending on whether it is more profitable to mine one thing or another automatically, without having to worry about anything else. We could put ADA (Cardano), if we want.

How much am I going to get with Eobot?

If we go down in the main panel, we will see that it gives us a little square with a blue frame. This indicates the contracted power or 'Hashrate' and below what we get per hour, day, month and year (don't pay attention, this is a test account, it is not my account). Additionally, it shows us a little question with the percentage of the coins we have.


The mother of the lamb. The Faucet is a kind of coupon or bonus that the page gives us every day. We must do it every day where it falls. When we enter, we do it and it will give us an amount 'x' of a coin or of a power, the one that we are mining at that moment and that will depend on the value of the coin that day. The lower the value of the coin, the more it will give us.

Before doing the first Faucet, when you have everything to zero, go to Mining and select Cloud GHS 4.0, it is better than doing the Faucet with Bitcoin, since we will lose 5% in the conversion for the commission.

Deposit and withdraw coins

We have the option of investing the coins that we mine on the other hand or that we have in an exchange, to increase the mining power. If you go to 'Deposit', it will indicate the minimum amount of each currency that we can enter and if, for whatever reason, the deposits of a certain are enabled or not. If we do not see the wallet, we can generate it in a moment, it is simple.

More or less the same shows us the 'Withdraw', which is to take the coins to our wallet in Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance (here they are all and the commissions are low) or any wallet software, it is indifferent. In this case, it indicates the minimum amount to be able to remove it from EOBOT and send it wherever we want and the amount that they will charge us. Curiously, DOGE and BCN are the best, since the minimum is 300 tokens, easy to get and they only charge us 1 token for the withdrawal, while for Ripple we need 20 tokens and they would charge us 1 token, which is infinitely more expensive.

Look in the Withdraw how much you need from each coin to get it and the commissions, before mining, since you are still interested in mining DOGE and BCN and converting it to BTC in an exchange, than mining Bitcoin here and that they give you the father stick at the time to get it out, no matter how much you get 1 Bitcoin a month. Taking out 300 DOGE is worth $ 0.005 and taking out 20 XRP is worth $ 0.9 at the moment. What is more costly to mine?


This is an interesting feature. It allows us to exchange any currency that we mine, for any other currency or for mining power. We indicate on the left the currency that we want to change and on the right that we want it to be transformed. Be careful, they will charge us a 5% commission in this case.

Buy power at Eobot

We can deposit coins that we have in an exchange or another site or we can buy it directly from EOBOT itself. The minimum is $ 10 and upwards. Are you interested in buying power? Now we will see.

Do I buy power from Eobot?

Let's say I buy $ 10 of mining power, because it interests me as an investment. These $ 10 will give us, if every 1 GHS 4.0 5 years, it costs $ 0.5, it will give us 20 GHS 4.0 5 years, which is equivalent to slightly more than two dollars a year. It may seem like little benefit, but that is the value of now, even in three years the annual profitability has multiplied by five.

If we now mine 0.002BTC, which would now have about $ 20 of value, in three years it would be $ 100. But is that just mining? Yes, but we will also go in every day to do the faucet, which is little, but it is adding up.

To give you an idea, in June 2017, when we made the first guide, the GHS 4.0 5 years had a value of $ 0.29, now it is around $ 0.6 and has reached more than $ 2 (its value is one average of all coin values). Therefore, right now we would mine twice what we invested then and we would have reached about eight times what we invested in June.

It is not recommended to buy power for 24 hours, do not rent.

I buy?

Fixed-term money in the bank will give you a pittance, here you can earn extra, without worrying about anything, just letting it work alone. If you are going to put, put an amount that you will not need in a month, two months or a year, it is an amount that we will let work and benefits for five years.


If you are a cryptocurrency user, you must have an EOBOT account, you must enter EVERY day to do the FAUCET, since this will allow us to grow and get more profitability. Putting $100 is not crazy, on the contrary, it is a smart investment, but and I repeat, do not put an amount that you are going to need in a short period of time, because you still do not have enough coins to recover it. This is long term.

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Robert Sole

Director of Contents and Writing of this same website, technician in renewable energy generation systems and low voltage electrical technician. I work in front of a PC, in my free time I am in front of a PC and when I leave the house I am glued to the screen of my smartphone. Every morning when I wake up I walk across the Stargate to make some coffee and start watching YouTube videos. I once saw a dragon ... or was it a Dragonite?

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  1. A super good guide. thanks. But there is something that is not clear to me, with this method you buy mining power but it is not necessary to have the computer turned on or nothing? It's like cloud mining, to say the least. And how much can you get per month more or less?

    1. Yes, it is a mining in the cloud, it is not necessary that you have the equipment plugged in, what's more, you leave it and forget it until the next day. What you can get I could not tell you, but it is scaling, if one month you get one and you bet on investing most of it in power, the second month you still win four and so on little by little.

      1. Thank you very much for answering, let's see if I have a while and I am encouraged to start

        1. I started on Tuesday of this past week and I'm already going for two cents these days. It is little, but I have invested enough to have a lot of mining power and things will grow, for sure.

    2. But on that same page in Pool Info you can help that mining power with your pc CPU or Video card GPU, just download the program in pool info right there they tell you how to configure it, configure it and thus increase your mining power with your pc .

  2. Good morning friend, I registered and bought the mining power that lasts 24 hours, my question is if the power that we mine those 24 hours, stays forever.
    Thanks for this guide, very complete

    1. The one you mine will stay, but I recommend you use the option to mine a little of the ones we recommend, not just mining power.

      1. Yes, I have in diversify the currencies that you said, the only thing that I did not understand very well was SETI and cloudfolding, what is the use of mining those?

          1. I do not understand either the seti, it automatically goes to gridcoin or how should I transfer it or convert it into mining power?

          2. Seti is a space research project, which analyzes wave signals from space in search of intelligent life. What you do is mine mining power for this project and it is returned to you, this generation in Gridcoin, as a bonus.

          3. Hehehehehe VERY IMPORTANT to find that “Intelligent Life” (The amount of saliva that one would save, eh? ;-DDDD ).

    1. No, because I am not interested in charging, I have everything in storage. But it is as easy as going to Withdraw and sending it to your wallet at the exchange in question. Keep in mind that there are some minimums.

  3. Good morning. Greetings from Caracas. I am interested and it seems like an excellent starting guide. My question is if there is a daily process or daily task to do? Or do I just follow the steps you indicate and forget about the mining as ta and just enter to monitor the progress?
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Thanks Roberto. It has been interesting to me because, precisely, a couple of days ago I started with this program. A grateful greeting !!!

  5. Good afternoon. A consultation, donating a little money could improve the process? Very good guide, I did everything as it is written and I started everything from ten!

  6. The GHS of the Eobot is very slow. It is not worth buying Hash Speed ​​/ sec. I have lost a lot with those transactions.

  7. Roberto, how are you doing? I started mining today, my question is the following, will I only use the daily faceut to rent GHS 4.0 for 24 hours? and what else am I storing? greetings thank you.

    1. The 24-hour period, after that period ends, the one that is interesting is the five-year period. It is little, but little by little you are doing.

      1. Good evening BAURK and John. Please clarify for me, where can I buy GHS 4.0 5 years? I went to the exchange and it came up with how to change a currency to Cloud SHA-256 4.0 10 Year Rental or Cloud SHA-256 4.0 24 Hour Rental (which I don't know what they are) but I can't find where to buy GHS 4.0 power 5 years
        Thank you.

        1. Good.

          You have several options. The SHA-256 10 Year, is what was before 5 years, they have increased it for everyone, so you get more for 'less'. To buy, you choose to send coins to EOBOT and then exchange them or, below, in the blue bar, you have the option of 'EPAY', from there you can buy. It is a somewhat cumbersome and slow system, but good.

  8. One question, when it is colored in diversify you see the mining of all the currencies or everything falls in the currency that it selects when the option is placed and the rest is invisible (mined between currency every 10 min and change of currency to the option selected)?

    1. If you put it in diversification, it is jumping automatically every 10 minutes. There is nothing else to do.

  9. Amilcar Acosta says:

    Brother, you know that before reading your guide ... I had already started with eobot and you invested 20 dollars in something that in Venezuela it is difficult to make any recommendation other than what is mentioned to make them worth even more. I know that ebot is patience but I don't want to do things wrong

    1. BAURK says:

      Nothing else, it's just patience and what to do.

  10. Hello, thank you very much for this tutorial, it has really helped me a lot to venture into this electronic market

  11. Hi Baurk !!! My question is the following: What is the difference between Cloud Mining of 24 hours or 5 years? Profitability? After 24 hours, what do I have to do? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Venezuela….

    1. The 24 hour power has a 24 hour activation period.
      The 5-year power has a 5-year activation period.
      After the activation period, the counter returns to zero.

      1. Sorry, I did not make myself understand ... what is the advantage or disadvantage of one method or another? logically time is understood ..

        1. In the 24h, every day you will have to be renewing and in the other more or less you forget. Now they have given ten years of validity to those that had a power of 5 years, for the anniversary. : P

    2. The advantage that the 24 hour one offers you is more MHS because all the mining power that you are buying is concentrated in one day so to speak, instead the 5 or 10 year one because that ... the mining power is distributed in that and what you get is minimal.

  12. Good guys a question. If I log out, does the mining process continue or do I have to leave the page open? Cheers

  13. Hello! I have a question, if I invest 50 dlls in 24-hour mining power, if there is a certain return on investment in the coins and a profit after 24 hours?

  14. Congratulations on such valuable information. A concern. Which is better to use eobot or minergate? for a small miner with very few resources. Cheers

    1. EOBOT does not mine with our hardware, it is mining in the cloud. Minergate is not worth it, since they do not give you all the power, it is better to download specific software for mining, even if it is more complex to configure.

      1. OK thank you very much. some additional advice. is that my interest is to mine with low-end equipment, since in Venezuela there is no access to foreign exchange and the parallel market is speculative (1000%). I have gpu nvidea gt 710 I am about to acquire a gtx 1050 ti and msi radeon rx 560. I appreciate your help

        1. You can mine Doge, Verge or cryptocurrencies like that, which have low value, but you get a lot and if you get a good raise, you can get enough capital.

      1. What do you recommend to gain mining power. I already have 1 gsh but it is still little, what strategy do you recommend?

        1. Good, right now it is at $ 0.31 the 1GHS, so I think it is a good time to put at least $ 50. Note that when I updated the guide it was over $ 0.5 and it was profitable.

  15. What process should be followed to exchange a currency, for example btc, to euros, and dump those euros to the bank account? Do you have to have an account on many sites? I say it because the more movements I make, the more I am going to lose for the fees, right?

  16. Friend, a question. following this guide select DOGE, BCN and GHS now the three selected mining begins by itself or it will depend on what we get in faucents

    1. The first faucet has to be destined to buy power and then already, to manage everything.

  17. To charge the faucet, is it necessary to enter the account daily? Or can you accumulate the faicet for a period of time (say a week) and then invest all that accumulates?

  18. Good afternoon, how can I spend all that I have mined in several cryptocurrencies to one? How can I withdraw what I have accumulated?

    1. To change the currency you must enter the exchange select the currency to change and the destination, taking into account that you must have available above the minimum that Eobot allows to change I think it is 0,0001 of dollar

  19. Hello, I was testing the web but I only see the power option at 10 years, not at 5 or at 1, and the 24-hour option is normal.

    1. The ten-year option is the five-year option. Is the same. I was 5 years old and they have raised it for free to ten years. It is twice as long as you will have the power you buy.

      1. Yes, but my question was more for the one year I do not see it, I only have 10 years and 24 hours in which to invest in 24 hours is not profitable and in 10 years the profit is reduced to very little without guarantee that the web remains active 10 years to see profit

  20. Hello Roberto, excellent guide for eobot. I'm already using it, I haven't charged yet but if it looks very safe, I have people who have already charged.

  21. Good afternoon,

    I have a query ... If I contract mined for 10 years at a certain power ... Is it possible to increase the mining power during the contracted period to improve profits? And if so ... how?
    Thank you.

    Good guide !! ;)

    1. It's not possible. You can buy more but it will be for ten years counting from the moment you buy it. You can buy as much as you want.

  22. What is certain that EOBOT is about to close? because if you enter the Products tab - Cloud Mining. You can see that the Fee is already 97%.

    1. It will not close, for operations until it becomes profitable again. Not long ago another similar service also stopped operations and later reestablished it.

  23. Hello Roberto, it is an excellent guide. Thanks for that. I would like to know if I can have 2 mining accounts with the same purse?

  24. Please update this blog. Now in 2019 there is no longer a faucet in eobot. Nor is it mining Bytecoin. Also clarify about the Exchange that charges a 5% commission for each transaction that is made.

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