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Guide to start in Eobot [Updated December 2019]

Obtaining a few 'satoshi' without having to mine Bitcoin is relatively simple. There are different formulas on the net, among them Eobot, a page to obtain bitcoins through cloud mining. The platform allows us to obtain a bit of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin.

If we are going to start, highlight that it is best to mine coins that have little value. This allows us to accumulate a greater amount of coins in a shorter period of time. Among the best options are Dogecoin, Tron or Cardano. If we are going to bid to buy mining power (which we do not recommend) we could opt for coins of more value.

Eobot registration

As in many websites, there is an option to register (LINK TO EOBOT). This is a simple process that only requires a name, surname, email and password and that's it. It seems insecure, since it does not ask us to repeat the password. Nothing happens, we can save it without problems. Isn't that highly unsafe? Yes, but to log in each time you must enter a code that will reach our email. This is what is called 'two-step verification' or '2FA'. We guarantee that no one will be able to access our account without verification. Cool, right?

Eobot Dashboard

Once we go inside, we have a series of coins and things that we have no idea what they are and how they work. The first thing is that we will see everything to zero, since we do not have any currency and we do not have mining power yet 'contracted'. Here come two options: checkout or do the daily faucet.

NOTE: The faucet has been deactivated, it seems, temporarily, although there is no data on when they will activate it again

What's that faucet? The faucet is nothing more than a kind of coupon, which is shown to us on the screen. We introduce the word or words that appear and it will give us a specific coin. DON'T DO IT YET THE FAUCET, WAIT 

What matters to us is the coins and creating a mining strategy. The logical thing would be to do an All-in to Bitcoin, but that would be a monumental shit. I will explain below the best strategies to get the most profitability.

I do not understand what I see?

Let's take Bitcoin, as an example for this case. You see under the name of this cryptocurrency in blue that a zero, a point and a string of zeros appear more and then BTC. That's what you have mined from this coin. Underneath it puts the dollar symbol ($) and a figure in green. It tells us how much Bitcoin is worth in real time according to CoinMarketCap. Below we see the dollar symbol in green, a zero, a point and another string of zeros. This tells us the dollar value of what we have mined and that happens with all currencies. (Cloud SETI, Cloud Folding, and Cloud Mining are not currencies, we'll explain later.)

If you want to see it in other currencies, it is easy, in the upper right, above Ripple you will see that it says 'Display Currency'. We open this drop-down menu and we can put it in Euros, Pounds, Rubles, etc., and we can even put it in Bitcoin.

Optimal strategies


It is the obvious and the simplest, to put everything on a coin. I do not recommend jumping to mine Bitcoin, I would go to mine the cryptocurrencies that have less value. It seems silly, but there is a minimum withdrawal that we will explain later, so based on this, it is better to mine coins that are worth little, since getting the minimum of Bitcoin, can cost us our lives.

Elon Musk has developed his own cryptocurrency, TeslaCoin (TLC), to make payments easily

DogeCoin and ByteCoin are the cheapest and the best options. Then we have Cardano and XEM and finally Ripple. MaidSafeCoin, Golem, GridCoin, and CureCoin are the least interesting, as they tend to be slow to rise. The best are Cardano and Ripple, but getting the minimum amount will cost us a lot, better DOGE and BCN, which are easily mined.

Eggs in various baskets

It may be that we mine Ripple and it stagnates in value and for whatever reason DOGE shoots up to a dollar and we have lost profitability, that would screw us. EOBOT has a great thing and that is that it allows you to mine different currencies without having to be aware.

Above the Bitcoin, it says 'Mining' and if we click, a drop-down menu appears. It allows us to mine everything that appears in the panel, but it has a great option which is 'Divesify'. If we click, this appears:

Below each icon, we have a box that we can select. We can select the ones we want, it does not matter, but the more we select, the more it will cost us to reach a certain amount of coins. The best is two or three coins at most and GHS 4.0. The latter is the mining power. What we do is mine mining power, to get more mining power and thus get more coins.

The best option is DOGE, BCN and GHS 4.0, and it will rotate between these currencies, every ten minutes, depending on whether it is more profitable to mine one thing or another automatically, without having to worry about anything else. We could put ADA (Cardano), if we want.

How much am I going to get with Eobot?

If we go down in the main panel, we will see that it gives us a little square with a blue frame. This indicates the contracted power or 'Hashrate' and below what we get per hour, day, month and year (don't pay attention, this is a test account, it is not my account). Additionally, it shows us a little question with the percentage of the coins we have.


The mother of the lamb. The Faucet is a kind of coupon or bonus that the page gives us every day. We must do it every day where it falls. When we enter, we do it and it will give us an amount 'x' of a coin or of a power, the one that we are mining at that moment and that will depend on the value of the coin that day. The lower the value of the coin, the more it will give us.

Before doing the first Faucet, when you have everything to zero, go to Mining and select Cloud GHS 4.0, it is better than doing the Faucet with Bitcoin, since we will lose 5% in the conversion for the commission.

Deposit and withdraw coins

We have the option of investing the coins that we mine on the other hand or that we have in an exchange, to increase the mining power. If you go to 'Deposit', it will indicate the minimum amount of each currency that we can enter and if, for whatever reason, the deposits of a certain are enabled or not. If we do not see the wallet, we can generate it in a moment, it is simple.

More or less the same shows us the 'Withdraw', which is to take the coins to our wallet in Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance (here they are all and the commissions are low) or any wallet software, it is indifferent. In this case, it indicates the minimum amount to be able to remove it from EOBOT and send it wherever we want and the amount that they will charge us. Curiously, DOGE and BCN are the best, since the minimum is 300 tokens, easy to get and they only charge us 1 token for the withdrawal, while for Ripple we need 20 tokens and they would charge us 1 token, which is infinitely more expensive.

What is code 12 and error in GPU?

Look in the Withdraw how much you need from each coin to get it and the commissions, before mining, since you are still interested in mining DOGE and BCN and converting it to BTC in an exchange, than mining Bitcoin here and that they give you the father stick at the time to get it out, no matter how much you get 1 Bitcoin a month. Taking out 300 DOGE is worth $ 0.005 and taking out 20 XRP is worth $ 0.9 at the moment. What is more costly to mine?


This is an interesting feature. It allows us to exchange any currency that we mine, for any other currency or for mining power. We indicate on the left the currency that we want to change and on the right that we want it to be transformed. Be careful, they will charge us a 5% commission in this case.

Buy power at Eobot

We can deposit coins that we have in an exchange or another site or we can buy it directly from EOBOT itself. The minimum is $ 10 and upwards. Are you interested in buying power? Now we will see.

Do I buy power from Eobot?

Let's say I buy $ 10 of mining power, because it interests me as an investment. These $ 10 will give us, if every 1 GHS 4.0 5 years, it costs $ 0.5, it will give us 20 GHS 4.0 5 years, which is equivalent to slightly more than two dollars a year. It may seem like little benefit, but that is the value of now, even in three years the annual profitability has multiplied by five.

If we now mine 0.002BTC, which would now have about $ 20 of value, in three years it would be $ 100. But is that just mining? Yes, but we will also go in every day to do the faucet, which is little, but it is adding up.

To give you an idea, in June 2017, when we made the first guide, the GHS 4.0 5 years had a value of $ 0.29, now it is around $ 0.6 and has reached more than $ 2 (its value is one average of all coin values). Therefore, right now we would mine twice what we invested then and we would have reached about eight times what we invested in June.

It is not recommended to buy power for 24 hours, do not rent.

I buy?

Fixed-term money in the bank will give you a pittance, here you can earn extra, without worrying about anything, just letting it work alone. If you are going to put, put an amount that you will not need in a month, two months or a year, it is an amount that we will let work and benefits for five years.


If you are cryptocurrency, you must have a EOBOT account You must enter EVERY day to do the FAUCET, as this will allow us to grow and get more profitability. Putting $ 100 is not crazy, on the contrary, it is a smart investment, but and I repeat, do not put an amount that you will need in a short period of time, because you still do not have enough coins to recover it. This is long term.

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