YouTube Spain: attacks, violence ... and now theft of third-party intellectual property

The YouTube Spain community does not win for problems and conflicts, since to those opened by Mr Granbomba, ReSeT and AbelGarcia, we must add Dalar and his 'video game'

We like it more or less, it must be said, YouTubers like elRubius, Willyrex or DoctorePollo, perhaps they should be a reference for many content creators on YouTube, who have lost their way. You like the content of these content creators more or less, they have millions of subscribers and a horde of fans behind them, but they have in common that they do not pass certain moral or ethical limits, to continue gaining subscribers, get visits and continue living well without ' Do nothing'.

All this was born, because for a while now, it seems that in the Spanish YouTubers community, this content is getting out of hand and we are entering a dangerous 'anything goes'. Mr Granbomba is one of the first victims of what is known 'to die of fame or for fame', since the video that has precipitated him to disappear from YouTube, the famous 'face-anchovy', came out to return, because the slap was epic. Violence is not the solution, but if you are insulting a stranger on the street, you can take your share of 'red-face'.

This 'jokes' is not new, it is done all over the world and many who dedicate themselves to this like TiparracoSA, without insulting anyone, have been about to be attacked or attacked, but they have not spread it to all four winds on the net. If you make jokes to a stranger, you know that you are exposed to it being expensive.

The red line

Content creators seem to have not learned their lesson, at least in Spain. A few weeks ago we saw how ReSeT fed a person who has had bad luck in life, who has hardly enough to eat or a roof to shelter, feed him Oreo cookies, but instead of bringing cream filling, they had toothpaste. This despicable act was criticized and the response to the criticism was to shit, returning to visit that poor person, who did not understand him and give him € 50 more, when he has won hundreds or thousands of euros for those videos. Luckily, justice has gone for him and the Barcelona prosecutor has put him on the bench.

If that act is despicable and knowing that the public opinion is outraged by the behavior of four brains, AberGarciaTV, a small YouTuber, will jump and jump, who in a simulated video attacks a pizza man with a pepper spray. The video is FALSE, but we are in trouble again, what is the limit? The video will be fake, but some mindless might think, 'I like it, I'll really do it.' Here the limit is in doing things, which we should better keep and not air for the final consequences that it may have in the future.

Theft of intellectual property

We don't end up with one scandal, we jump to another. Dalas, a renowned YouTuber with thousands of subscribers, who dedicates himself to opinion and other similar things, with quite bad taste, it seems that has developed a video game. The thing would not be anything of the other world, since possibly he had the idea and has hired people to do it or has collaborated with more people in the development.

The thing is that someone looking in the game has found audio files belonging the mythical game Banjo Kazooie, a very popular Nintendo 64 game in its time. The ball gets bigger, when Dalas said he had counted on one of the original developers of the game, something that that developer quickly said that nothing, that he has not worked on the development of the game. If it had, the game is still from a company and if they don't have a paper that allows you to grab certain files, you can't use them.

We add to all this chaos that the game is on Steam for € 9.99. The rules of Steam are very clear, if you develop a game, it must be yours or have the rights to publish a modification of another game. This may lead to Valve removing the game from Steam, in addition to suing Dalas for scam and theft of third-party intellectual property. The developer company could sue you for the theft of intellectual property and the developer, who has been put in the middle as a shield, sue you for defamation and lying. A case that will bring a tail.


I'm not one of those who looks for this type of content on YouTube, what's more, most of the channels I follow are music channels and outside of that I follow Manuel Amate, from Domo Electra, Lorey Money, a couple of American Soccer and Awe Me. If I go to YouTube I look for music and entertainment, people who create original and different content and I already spend many hours looking for information about hardware and technology, as well as going to YouTube to find more wood, I go to YouTube I will disconnect.

That said, I think the YouTube community in Spain has a problem. I don't care about other countries, I care about this one. Each one to solve their problems. I think that certain YouTubers are being given a lot of width because they are very large and they should take care of that, especially greater surveillance by YouTube Spain and whoever misuses or does things that they should not, expel or block them for a while .


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