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Hard drive at 100% usage for no apparent reason

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Hello good!! I have a hard drive that occasionally gets to 100% usage (I see it in the Performance tab of Task Manager.

The hard drive is a WD20EFRX. According to CrystalDiskInfo it is OK and has 53.749 hours of use and right now it has 1Tb free. I have reviewed it with the WD software "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows" and it does not detect anything unusual.

I have W10 pro 1909 (and no, I haven't upgraded to 2004 yet).

Just before writing this it has been set to 100%. I wanted to restart the pc and my beard almost grew waiting (I almost turned it off the beast).

Is there any way to know what process or program puts it like this?

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Topic starts Answered : 04/09/2020 11:05 pm
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I have an ssd with my operating system but my hdd when I use it to download games reaches 100 out of nowhere please help

Answered : 07/10/2020 5:34 pm
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