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China wants to train from preschool in Artificial Intelligence

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In China, they have opted to introduce Artificial Intelligence from preschool and at all stages of compulsory education in order to obtain the best possible engineers in the future. It is not the first bet of the Asian giant, since they have also opted for the training and use of blockchain technology, what is more, they are developing 'The Silk Road 2.0' which will be based on blockchain technology for the monitoring of transportation by different routes.

They have recently opted to greatly improve the minimum wages of workers and have made a strong commitment to electric vehicles and renewable energies to end pollution. For decades they have been a fairly mistreated and poor people, relatively, since they have attracted billions and now they have seen the moment to change the trend and something that until now no one had seen, which was the strong investment of the government in training, It is bearing fruit and they clearly want to continue along this line.

China wants to train from preschool in Artificial Intelligence

Topic starts Answered : 11/12/2018 12:24 pm
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