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Project to optimize an old computer for STORJ.

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** **
*Is it worth investing in a PC like this? it comes out about 250 euros
From what I have seen on American sites, they do not recommend making the investment at first, they encourage you to use some equipment that you have

* For that processor it is not necessary to update the bios beforehand, right?
Not at first but you never know

* I have put two ram modules to have a total of 8 in dual channel, but I don't know if it will be necessary.
will you use the apu it has? If so, if the dual channel is recommended; if not then an 8gb module
In my case, as it would be an exclusive machine, I will put it - Crucial DDR4 2400 PC4-19200 8GB CL17

The issue of connection with 120mb the truth is that I did not pay attention since I am not constantly going up and down, at times it marked a use of 98.2 Mbps and other times of 0.5 Mbps and for 5 days nothing has gone up or down there it is .
120mb may be just right for you if you match all your network usage at once. In my case I have 300 symmetrical fiber and having many devices at home that consume Internet at the same time has not given me a problem

let's see if Marc uploads a dideo dedicated to storJ and clears up our doubts

Answered : 07/05/2020 1:14 pm
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Hello everyone,

I currently have a virtual machine on windows 10 to test after watching the video "BUDGET NODE STORJ MAKE MONEY WITH INTERNET" published yesterday.

The doubt that I have since I have not been able to find a really clear answer is that reviewing the log, I see a huge number of records that say "Upload Canceled" +Piece id "" + satellite id "" + action "PUT" where it cannot be distinguished if this is due to an error or simply a cancellation request processed correctly.

From my point of view it should be the second, but is there any way to confirm this case?

Thank you!

Answered: 09/05/2020 12:43 am
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I can't answer you mate, because I have no idea.

Today I am curious about how much fiber I have.
After several speed tests, I have achieved an average of 220 mbps download and 21mbps upload.
Do you think that the fact of not having symmetrical fiber and only having 21 mbps upload will affect performance?
Thank you

Answered: 09/05/2020 2:23 am
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hello txoli
I think that the performance would affect you, because sometimes it puts me at +100 Mbps of upload

Answered : 09/05/2020 12:52 pm
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Thanks for responding.

The truth is that I have obtained the budget by looking at pages like pccomponetes, aussar and coolmod. Then I always took the cheapest ones, except for the power supply, since I don't want a generic one or one for 15 euros that stops working after 3 months.
Marcos has answered me on twitter that "yes, I could put several hard drives. You can make virtual machines with more drives and mount more nodes on the same PC, but, in case of failure, the income of all the nodes is lost" .

From this comment, I understand that, for example, if with an HDD I get 4 euros, with 2 HDD I would get more or less double, right? (as long as they have the same data traffic).

Another question I ask you is the following: (remember that I have no idea about this 🙂)
To create a virtual machine, I have seen several videos on youtube that explain how to do it:

And in this video, I think they explain how to add more hard drives to a virtual machine:

If someone understands all this, it would be great if they told us if we can trust these videos or not.

Thank you

Answered: 10/05/2020 7:15 am
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To comment on Storj you can better stop by here

Answered: 11/05/2020 12:12 am
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I join the thread to see your experiences and surely I will be encouraged too hehehehe

A greeting.

Answered: 11/05/2020 2:28 am
(@ thor80)
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Hello, how are you, I'm already assembling mine, but I have a question about the IP, if you have a dynamic IP, use some service such as no ip to solve the problem.
Do you recommend that service? does it have any cost?

Answered : 16/05/2020 11:52 pm
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Hi Pablo, if I use the noip service, it works fine.

There is a free version and a paid version. I use the free one without problems

Answered: 19/05/2020 1:34 am
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Hi friends. I'm sorry I haven't been more aware of the thread (I've had intermittent fever for 3 weeks that reached 38.8 ºC and believe me that the last thing I wanted was to get on the PC).

Returning to the topic, I told you that I was hesitating whether to buy a PCIe card that would provide me with Sata3 since the lga 775 boards have Sata2.

Reflecting on this topic, I have come to the conclusion that it is unnecessary for the quality of service to Storj and I will explain the reasons:

In my case, I have contracted 500 symmetrical megabytes, but even if I contracted 1 symmetrical gigabyte, the same thing would happen. In most boards (except some high-end ones that cost a lot) they are limited to 100 megabytes/second for connection. Taking this into account, the speed of reading / writing in Sata2 is limited to 3 gigabytes / second, for which we are more than enough.

I have come to this conclusion, but I would like you to confirm if I am right or if I am screwing up.

Thanks in advance and I hope that this thread that I have created will serve to continue solving doubts.

Topic starts Answered: 21/05/2020 9:23 am
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Good morning

I have finally been able to put the Node Online.😋😋

The problem was CG-NAT from Masmovil. They took me out and I've already been able to open the port.

I already have traffic on the node.


SSD Drive: Kingston Technology A400 SSD 120GB Serial ATA III
HDD: Seagate Technology ST2000DM008 Barracuda 2Tb
Memory: 4GB DDR2
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 CPU 6320 1.86GHz
Motherboard: It is an old motherboard from an HP computer

Let's see how things go.

A greeting

Answered : 21/05/2020 2:13 pm
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Well, another one who points to storj. I have fixed my AMD Athlon 64 x2 for it with 6gb DDR2 RAM. Let's see how it is.

Answered: 27/05/2020 12:18 am
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Pay attention to the latest videos published on the channel, which solve many doubts regarding StorJ.

Topic starts Answered: 15/06/2020 2:59 am
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