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Problems with Orange WIFI.

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Good afternoon people. I want to tell you something that has been happening to me for almost 1 year with the Orange WIFI.

I switched to Orange fiber for a promotion 1 year ago. and since the first day I have problems. I tried to solve it with them but nothing at all, they got tired of my complaints and they don't pay any attention to me anymore.
The thing is that every 4 or 5 minutes, the internet connection through Wi-Fi goes away, although it still appears that I am connected to Wi-Fi, there is no connection. At first I thought it was due to my device, but I tried others and the same .
The strange thing is that by cable there are no such disconnections and my problem is that it annoys me, that being with video calls at home connected to my Wi-Fi, I have to switch to my mobile data to be able to continue.

Those from Orange changed my router configuration, they tried to change channels, but they say that everything is fine, that it is my problem. But I tried with an Lg G6, with a Samsung J7, with my Samsung Tab 3 or with my laptop, and in all of them the same thing happens, 4 or 5 minutes of service and then the internet connection will disappear 2 or 3 minutes, and suddenly Come back. And that only with Wi-Fi, because the connection is stable on the PC.

Could you help me? because I don't know what to do anymore...

Thank you very much people

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See if someone can leave you a neutral router, or another normal one that configures it as such, to get the Wi-Fi through it and see if it continues to fail you.
So you can verify that it is not a router problem.

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If there are no disconnection problems by cable, there may be several problems:

-The Wi-Fi router.

It may be a problem of saturated channels, that there is some nearby equipment that emits interference or similar.

Since I can't blame the computer's Wi-Fi receiver in this case, I think there is some device nearby that emits interference.

The Wi-Fi router that companies put generic is rubbish, buy a quality one, you will gain coverage, benefits and peace of mind.
And while you're at it, check to see if it's on a surface that gets too hot. It still overheats and stalls.

As for interference, there are third-party programs that help detect it, I think that's going to be your problem.

A greeting.

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