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Flex ATX 1U server power supply

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Hello everyone, I am looking for FlexAtx power supplies in Spain or Europe for my new box and there is no way to find them, due to customs issues I do not trust ordering from China because they are expensive and if you add the customs expenses, we are going wrong, the ones available through Amazon are up to 350w and they don't reach me for my Ryzen 3600 and my 2060 super, which consume 380-385w at full capacity, I'm looking for one of about 400-450w Gold, but there's no way, I've asked friends that work with servers, to stores in Portugal, in Spain I have swept everything, even asking directly to Delta, to Seasonic, FSP, to Enhance, to Athena both in Spain and in Europe, I have asked Ebay sellers, sellers who It came out as the official brand, that is, delta, seasonic, etc. on Amazon since they have had this type of sources for a long time but they stopped bringing them that powerful to Europe, it is somewhat difficult to get the truth, let's see if any of you can think of something, at the last moment I don't care if it's used as long as it's good and at a reasonable price, thanks.

The measurements that my box supports are, PSU: Flex ATX 1U Mini-ITX up to 170 x 80 x 40mm.

I leave you a picture of the box in case it serves as a reference:

I leave you Source Models of that type of reference in order of preference

Manufacturer: Athena

Athena AP-MFATX50P8

Athena AP-MFATX40

Athena AP-MFATX40P8

Manufacturer: FSP




Manufacturer: Delta


Manufacturer: Enhance (This would be a last resort since it is super expensive)


Topic starts Answered : 20/12/2020 3:35 pm
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