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Problem with Ram to see if anyone knows why

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Hello, good evening, I have a problem with the RAM and I don't know why it is.
My computer has an i5 4690k, an Asrock z87 pro4 motherboard and two Kingston 8gb modules at 1600mhz.
The problem I have and it already happened to me with the almost new computer is that the Ram starts to fail and it beeps four times as if the RAM is screwed.
When I bought the computer 5 years ago he did it for me and loaded a module, as it was under warranty they gave me another one.
A week ago it did it to me once and it screwed up the two modules, what I did is that I started to connect them one by one and restart the pc over and over again to see if the bios recognized them and in the end I got it with the two.
He did it to me again 3 days ago I fixed it again.
I have searched for information on the internet in both English and Spanish and I can't find anything.
The bios is updated to the latest version and the problem is that I am stopped and the z97 boards that I see are very expensive.
The truth is that the computer continues to work very well for me, I use it to play and study and I make virtual machines to do experiments and it continues to behave decently.

Topic starts Answered: 26/02/2019 3:50 am
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Das letzte Problem kann sein, dass das Standard-Dell-Netzteil ein Beinrloren hat oder der MB ausgefallen ist. Wenn Sie ein Voltmeter haben, überprüfen Sie, ob der Spannungsausgang des Geräts piept, und prüfen Sie, ob alle vorhanden sind. Wenn nicht, versuchen Sie es mit einem Testnetzteil von einem anderen PC oder Ersatzteil. Wenn is sich um einen MB-Fehler handelt, können Sie ihn nur beheben, wenn Sie einen Bench-Test haben. Was ich als alter PC tun würde, wenn der PS das Problem nicht behebt, ist, ein Laufwerkskopierkabel oder eine Box zu kaufen und das Laufwerk in eine Box zu legen und die Daten auf einen neuen PC zu kopieren.

Answered : 11/05/2020 12:57 pm
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Hello Ermaike!
As you already know in BIOS as the one of your motherboard (AMI) the 4 beeps mean defective RAM memory. I imagine that you have already tried to put other different RAM cards in it, since if the RAM is really defective it is the only solution.
From what I see, your board has 4 RAM memory slots and works with dual channel. Check that the RAM memories are connected alternately, that is, if you have 4 slots (1,2,3 and 4) connect the RAM cards in 1 and 3.
If this does not solve it, also try connecting it to slots 2 and 4, perhaps the problem comes from the hook itself, which is deteriorated since the plate looks to be a bit old.
As a piece of advice, I recommend cleaning the contacts of the RAM memory and the slots of the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol, because if you haven't cleaned it after 5 years, it's also making bad contact.
I hope it helps, I can't think of anything else with the information I have.
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Answered: 12/05/2020 1:28 am
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