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Problem with Ram to see if anyone knows why

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Hello, good evening, I have a problem with the RAM and I don't know why it is.
My computer has an i5 4690k, an Asrock z87 pro4 motherboard and two Kingston 8gb modules at 1600mhz.
The problem I have and it already happened to me with the almost new computer is that the Ram starts to fail and it beeps four times as if the RAM is screwed.
When I bought the computer 5 years ago he did it for me and loaded a module, as it was under warranty they gave me another one.
A week ago it did it to me once and it screwed up the two modules, what I did is that I started to connect them one by one and restart the pc over and over again to see if the bios recognized them and in the end I got it with the two.
He did it to me again 3 days ago I fixed it again.
I have searched for information on the internet in both English and Spanish and I can't find anything.
The bios is updated to the latest version and the problem is that I am stopped and the z97 boards that I see are very expensive.
The truth is that the computer continues to work very well for me, I use it to play and study and I make virtual machines to do experiments and it continues to behave decently.

Topic starts Answered: 26/02/2019 3:50 am
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Hello, the first case may be that these memories are not 100% compatible with your motherboard and the second case, try activating the XMP profile in the bios, it may be that you are putting more voltage than normal on the motherboard rams.

Answered : 04/03/2019 3:57 pm
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Thank you very much for the answer, I already had it done so it will be something else.

Topic starts Answered : 04/03/2019 10:56 pm
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