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Reward for the best contributions in the forum

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We are currently relaunching the forum after several months working on improving it, it is ready, now we are working on reactivating the forum. To add more life to the forum, we thought we would thank users who offer the best contribution in our forum. For this reason, each month we will choose the best thread or the best contribution and that person will take a detail that we will choose, which can range from a Hardwaresfera cup to a gaming keyboard or even a graphics card. The prize will be announced when we have the winner, to give it a little more excitement

The rules are very simple: Create a thread contributing knowledge or making the best contribution to a question, solving the problem or offering valuable help.

We will be Marcos, Ruben (forum moderator) and Roberto (yours truly) who will select the best posts and debate the winners.

May 2020:

Topic starts Answered : 20/04/2020 9:34 pm
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Thank you friend Robert. I hope that the thread that I have contributed will be of help to all those who have doubts about StorJ. Currently I have a couple of ideas for threads for the forum, but it is also true that the Forum does not have much movement and I fear that the topics will be deserted.
A greeting.

Answered: 15/06/2020 3:08 am
(@ ivan5)
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Hi I have been looking for some guidance as I am going to start this vehicle electromechanical course, and I want you to support me if you can by telling me how good your training and job orientation would be?

Answered: 04/11/2020 1:38 am
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