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CS:GO stories. The fuzzy word 'campero'

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I decide to start writing my ratillos playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive because there are times that, personally, I break the bank with people (with their stupidity). Re telling my games and explaining little things. All these stories are based on Deathmatch, the game mode where you get killed and respawned and you can use whatever weapons you want. I have several styles of play. Assault with AWP or SCAR, depending on how they warmed me up in the previous game. For the rest of the maps I use the SG 553 or the P90, depending on what I like and sometimes in the Office, also depending on what I like, I use AWP or SCAR. Deathmatch is unranked, does not count in other game systems and is for fun and entertainment. I start.

Today I have taken to doing a couple of quick rounds. So as always, I've gotten into and see what game I fall into. I have started in the Italy with 8:30 to the end of the game. I have become a terrorist and I have used the SG 553. It seemed to me the best option to get into the ointment. I have started to play as always in the best area, the one that surrounds the Spawn area of ​​the terrorists, which is where there is the highest probability of respawn. I have begun to sack by starting with less time than the rest. When someone on the bus, when I had barely three casualties, has already begun to insult me ​​and accuse me of being a campero, when I had spawned in the small square that seems to be in the market. I have let him continue and I have put myself in the zone, as always, going around here and there. You can't stand still in one place because it's a very open area and you have four possible flanks and I like to cover as many points as possible and move in this area.

The thing has continued. We can consider the SG 553 as a campero weapon, well, yes and no. It is more of an assault weapon with minimal zoom. It has become absurd when he has started using the AWP. Despite that I have given wax several times.

I can't tell you his name, not because I don't want to, simply because I had it blank. This is typical of rat children who don't know how to play and when you start to wax they insult you. This is so you don't know who it is, you can't search for it on Steam or anything. I can also tell you that I have gotten into his Steam profile. It is one thing that the Counter lets you do and despite speaking Spanish, I had a blank profile and Pakistan as a country.

It has bothered me so much that when we went to the Office I put the SCAR on gear. The good thing about this map is that it has a good camping area in the passage to the left of the CT spawn. I have started to distribute bullets. If you mess with me, I will too. Normally I rarely use this weapon on this map, but I'm not going to let you accuse me of something I haven't done, because you're useless playing. Logically I have won the two games and also the third that I have played, without this character. The third was Assault with AWP, simple as that.

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