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Privacy, social networks and the stupidity of people

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As I write these lines, a new program-documentary is being broadcast on La Sexta, which talks about new technologies, mixing things up and giving erroneous information. The show talks about privacy and companies making money off of our data and then they talk about tax evasion. For those who do not understand this, it ends up meaning that with the data that we post freely on the social networks that they have created, they can earn money and evade taxes. Which is totally false. We must clarify this.

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple are the protagonists. We started well. Google is a technology company that has the most powerful search engine in the world, makes operating systems and different technological products and does not charge us anything, except in very specific cases when we want to use more professional tools. Facebook is a social network where we can freely share what we want, nobody comes and threatens us with publishing something, we publish if we want. If tomorrow I fall face down on the street and I don't want anyone to know about it, I won't publicize it. Amazon is a store, and the data it obtains is based on your searches on Google (technically Google would pass the information on to it) and according to our purchases, and Apple is a technology company, well, if we put it here we should expand it to Samsung, Lenovo or any technological company that we think.

We are living in hypocrisy, because we want to communicate quickly through Whatsapp, share our food on Instagram, vacations on Facebook, our anger on Twitter, know where to eat through Forsquare or Maps, skip traffic or get there quickly thanks to Maps, watch videos on YouTube without paying anything and so the list goes on and on.

We have reached a point where we are assholes and do not rationalize. We have the power to publish personal information about what happens to us in our day to day, our food, where we go or are, who we are with or what we think freely, because if I don't want someone to know that I'm shitting ( to put it quickly and badly), I will not say from my toilet at 13:22 p.m. that I am there pressing and if I say it, it is because I want to. We post what we want and then complain about privacy. Privacy is the principle of telling others personal information, at the moment we publish it on social networks, we are smart enough to know that it is we, freely, who make it public, stop asking for privacy.

We return to the subject of sexual videos and photos. There are many cases of girls who have seen leaked sexual videos of them. This ends with not recording them. I am against the dissemination of these videos and I do not broadcast them when they reach me, but we are going to stop being hypocritical in this regard, because you already know that this can happen. To think that it didn't happen to me is idiotic, because it is a weapon of revenge that you give to another person and if you keep it for yourself, you can lose your mobile, it can be hacked or a thousand stories.

The excuse of the laws ends the moment you knowingly publish information open to the public. This occurs when it is false, manipulated or stolen information, which falls within another area.
Privacy is personal and non-transferable and we have the right to publish or not publish things. If I don't want anyone to know that I've had a boiled potato pizza with chorizo ​​for dinner, by not saying so and not posting a photo, no one will know that I've had that for dinner (I haven't, it's a crazy example). We can expand it to areas such as going to the bathroom, showering, changing our socks, buying condoms or a pregnancy test. If we share intimate data it is because we want to.

Amazon is based on our buying habits or criteria and on the products we visit because we are going to buy it or because we want to know its price online or some feature, but, in this regard, we have physical stores where you can see the same or similar products. . It is absurd to complain about this. We can go to the neighborhood store, to a superstore or to any other place.

I'm going to ask you something. Do you have a large supermarket customer card? I have the one from Carrefour and the one from Consum. When I go to buy from these stores and they pass them, they obtain my data and offer me personalized offers and discounts. You should not consider it, but we are giving information about our buying habits. They know when we buy more, what products we buy, etc, etc. Consum, for example, sends me a discount voucher for 'x' money each month based on my purchases and tells me that there are a certain number of products that make my next check grow more and they are products that I usually buy or similar to those buy or have ever bought.

We must also reflect much more deeply on this, because everything we do leaves a trace, even things that we have assumed for a long time, such as customer cards, which we do not have as revealing personal information, but as cards that They offer discounts. Now extrapolate it to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon…

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A good post and topic thanks for sharing.


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