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[Permanent] What type of gaming keyboard do you have and why have you chosen it?

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The keyboard is a very important element, which, like everything in this life, depends on the tastes of the users. This is why we would like you to explain to us what type of gaming keyboard you have and above all, why you bought it and what is your opinion about the keyboard. Tell us also if it is a membrane type, if it uses Cherry MX switches or other types of mechanical switches.

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Topic starts Answered : 19/04/2020 8:16 pm
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I have a Corsair k95 with the MX speed for your feedback. But I regret the purchase, for a little more money you have a totally personalized and much better one. With better custom and lubricated switches.

Answered: 21/04/2020 2:42 am
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A year ago when I assembled my entire computer, I opted for the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum. It seemed like a very elegant keyboard, very good finishes, an RGB that worked quite well and its switches were Logitech's own that resembled cherry brown. The problem came when a switch came off a week later when I was wiping it with a rag to remove the dust. The keycap did not come out, no, the switch mechanism was opened in the middle and there was no mother son to put it back together. So I returned it and got my current keyboard which holds up like a champ.

It is the Ozone StrikePro Spectra, a fairly old model already in 2020 but that still seems like a very good option to assess if it is at a good price.
It is a full format keyboard, with its numeric pad on the right, brown cherrys and rgb with different preset effects in its internal memory and you can also put the color you want key by key within the 8 colors to choose from (I think there are 8 ) and save your personal settings for 3 different modes of use.

The material of the keycaps is quite good, I do not know if it is ABS or PBT, but after a year of intense use they do not have any signs of wear. And I repeat, I give it a lot of cane in games and the WASD are perfect. They can be easily removed to clean underneath them, for example, or replace them with others.
The casing, however, is made of plastic with a rubbery feel, which is very pleasant for my taste. It gives the wrist a bit of grip when resting it, which is pretty cool. Yes, this rubbery area must be taken care of because the marked scratches remain, but as long as they are not done with desire, they are removed well by rubbing with a finger.

The keyboard on the back has two jack inputs to connect microphone and headphones and a usb. The cable is braided and measures 1,5 m and at its end it has two usb (one feeds the keyboard and the other feeds the usb on the back) and 2 jacks that feed the keyboard. With which, it is not that you gain a usb and jack inputs, but that the rear connections of the tower are at hand in this way.

As an extra option, you can download their software from the ozone website, although honestly it's not worth it at all since it doesn't provide anything essential. It allows you to play a bit with very basic lighting options and save another 5 personal profiles in addition to the 3 that the keyboard saves internally and make macros that I have never been able to configure. So you can live without it.

So in short, it is a very good keyboard even today, although for the €150 it costs, I think you can find many brand alternatives that offer better software.

Answered : 29/04/2020 5:14 pm
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