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Good morning, once I found out that there was a forum, I made my corresponding presentation and went on to adjust my profile, I began to ask, haha.
Well, I want to change my son's monitor and I am very lost in terms of quality brands and others.
My son's computer is a 2600 +1660ti, so you probably recommend a 1080p monitor, but I have to say that he doesn't play AAA games since he is 12 years old and most of those games are not for his age.
So since they are not very demanding games, maybe they can go up to 1440p, the games they currently play are plants vs zombies 2, ghost of tale, tabs, minecraft and some indie origin acces. I think I'm missing some, but basically they are medium requirement games.
The truth is that I am about to buy more a 1440p than a 1080p.
the monitor that I am going to replace is an acer g245hq, which when compared to my dell u2414h under construction, the quality and colors on the screen sweep it away completely.
I have seen this video of a friend assailant and it seems like a good option.

Well, basically it is that and the rush in case there is or may be an offer on blakfriday.
That if there is right now but I don't know if they will be worth it.
PS: The viewing distance is between 60-70cm

Topic starts Answered : 25/11/2019 2:25 pm
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For a use like the one the user in the previous comment intends to give it and taking into account the hardware it has, the truth is that with a 1080p monitor it has more than enough, in my opinion. Let's see what you think of a monitor like the one I propose in the link below:


-sRGB 99%
-10w speakers

Answered : 07/05/2020 9:20 pm
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Partner thanks for your answer but it's late. But I repeat thanks.

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