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Huananzhi x99-f8

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I recently purchased a Xeon E5-2678v3 kit with 64Gb of DDR4 2133 and a Huananzhi x99-f8 board. The thing is that the board detects a maximum of 32Gb of RAM when I mount the 4 modules in the arrangement recommended by the manufacturer for QuadChannel. I have mounted a GTX-745 as graphics card and a 500Gb NvME Sabrent-rocket as disk (I want it as a virtualization environment, not as a gamming device).

I am not sure if it is the memory modules that have arrived badly, if I have something in the BIOS that is not configured correctly or if it is some hardware incompatibility. I have tested the board by installing W10 and it works correctly, maintaining very good temperatures and withstanding the CPUz stress test without any problem.

Can you think of something?

Topic starts Answered: 29/07/2020 12:51 am
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