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Hi guys, for some time now I've been looking at Chinese x99 dual cpu motherboards to set up a NAS server with its respective plex, sonarr, radarr, jacket, transmissions, etc. We're going to do the typical thing to download series and movies and play them like my own netflix. In addition to this use, I want to install nextcloud to have my own cloud and, well, a few more things when it comes up.
The operating system at the moment I have OpenMediaVault 5, which is the one I have installed on my small NAS that includes an Odroid xu4 board with couldshell2, for the moment it works well for me and I don't know if there is something better or easier and more intuitive to use.
The reason for my question is that this small NAS that I have works wonderfully for the storage function, but to play on Plex it already chokes me and most of the content does not work because it cannot transcode due to its low power, that's why I'm looking at the possibility of taking a china dual xeon x99 motherboard with possibly 64gb of ram ddr4 2400 ecc (8x8) to take advantage of the quad channel and thus have plenty of power to transcode and whatever it may be in the future.
How do you see this project? What do you think? is it crazy or will it work?
Well the motherboards I have been looking at are from the manufacturer HUANANZHI, Kllisre and JINGSHA. Here are the links:
-Kllisre, it's not quad channel:
Personally I prefer the HUANANZHI but I wanted to ask your opinion, what do you think of my crazy idea?
And when I have a clear idea of ​​the board, I would have to see what CPUs I install and what ram, from source I think I will take a modular one of about 500w more or less, gpu at the moment I don't need it and if I had to put something on it it would be something funny so that of image.

Topic starts Answered : 20/12/2020 3:34 pm
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