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Storj Node Configuration

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Hello, if it seems good to you, I will put here the configuration proposed in the last video of the Hardwaresfera channel on Youtube, to open the necessary configuration to mount a StorJ Node, since Marco Antonio in the comments of the video, refers us to the forum to solve the doubts, but it does not put the link to any specific section or debate of the forum.
So I'll leave it here so that we have a place to start commenting and discussing this StorJ topic, since in my case, although the video clarifies some things, it raises more questions than it solves. 🙂

Storj Node Configuration

Well, if that's okay with you, while we wait for the promised video with the in-depth explanations, 🙂 we can start discussing it here.

Topic starts Answered : 08/05/2020 6:52 pm
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Youtube channel video with setup and explanations:

Topic starts Answered : 08/05/2020 6:53 pm
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Storj's website

Topic starts Answered : 08/05/2020 7:00 pm
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Hello! Although I've been following the page and the YouTube channel for a long time, I'm new to the forum and the truth is that I registered as a result of watching the Node video.
I have a basic question. I have quite a few computers at home (including a NAS), but none of them old. They are all more or less powerful. My doubt is that if a Node is mounted, the equipment is sacrificed and it cannot/should not be used for other things such as browsing, watching online videos, working with office automation or anything else. I am thinking of taking advantage of a NUC i7 that I have to mount it, but I would like to know if I can use the equipment day by day or if it should only be hosting the node.
Gracias y saludos.

Answered : 08/05/2020 7:53 pm
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Hello Robert,

His would be that the equipment in which you want to mount the node is exclusively for the node, in addition to security issues. But yes, if the NUC has enough power and space you could still use it. But I insist, his thing would be that it was exclusively for the node. Also, as a reminder, the equipment has to be on 24/7 for it to be feasible/profitable to mount.

a greeting

Answered : 08/05/2020 8:09 pm
(@ super1)
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hello guys
to me too I am interested in the subject. I've been amazed with the fucking motherboard - NO FAN -
I am new to the Forum as well. It's not very well designed... but we'll learn something. Let's see how things turn out.

Answered: 09/05/2020 12:08 am
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actually in they recommend not having specific hardware to mount a node, since they understand that it would not be profitable. Come on, they advise using a computer that is already active and that is in operation not only to function as a node. That's what they say.

Reading the documentation, it seems that there are problems mounting several nodes in the same place, that share an ip. Marcos says that he has several assembled. Hope I can clarify this. In any case, it seems that mounting several nodes from scratch does not work well because all the nodes compete to load data, so it seems advisable to wait until you have a node at full capacity to expand. In any case, the issue of multiple nodes under a single IP leaves me concerned. This is the document:

It also seems that there are two versions / networks, V2 and V3... another unknown.

What bothers me the most, however, is not the issue of the node in its hardware or software or configuration aspect. That you want that cannot be avoided. What I can't understand is the world of cryptocurrencies. The whole issue of wallets, how to transfer funds to a real account. The security risks, the commissions,... It seems that it is a change of mentality at many levels and the truth is, the more I inform myself, the more doubts arise. I would greatly appreciate help on these matters.

Greetings to all, and by the way, there has been no way to log in to Chrome in this forum, I had to resort to explorer :/ it's still my problem

Answered: 09/05/2020 1:34 am
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Hello, I contribute by answering the question that Roberto asked.

You could make a virtual machine taking advantage of an entire disk physically (not creating a virtual disk), I recently made a node in this way, just because I wanted to do tests, and because I only have that machine (windows) for those tests, so q I mounted a virtualized Debian, but taking advantage of a 2TB PHYSICAL disk. 2Gb of RAM allocated and 2 Cores allocated. This would be a way of not sacrificing the resources of the physical PC 100% because also like you, I needed to use the PC sporadically.

On the other hand, I am addressing those who have a node already set up more than a few months ago:

-How much did you earn the first few months? and what settings including what internet connection do they use?
-The GB/TB limit that they have in the service?

This last one generates a lot of doubt in me, since here where I currently reside (Argentina), it is said that I have a maximum of 350Gb of monthly download, but apparently this clause is not governed. I would like to know your opinions and comments

Answered: 09/05/2020 2:34 am
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Thank you very much @French for correcting my answer.

I had understood that it was better to have a dedicated machine, but thinking about what you have mentioned, it makes more sense, especially when you are starting to set up your first node.

Regarding what you mention about the various versions of STORJ, right now if you mount a node, the packages that will be downloaded will be from V3.

Also what you say about the difficulty of understanding how cryptocurrencies are handled, it was difficult for me too, but with the help of Marcos and a friend of mine who for a couple of years had handsome mining rics, I have been understanding it better. Basically you keep the "coins" in a digital wallet (WALLET), which you can later convert to others through the same wallet and to exchange them for "euros" (to put a physical currency) you need to go to digital banks (EXCHANGE).

I have tried to explain it in the simplest way possible, I hope it will help you and the whole forum.


PS: The problem you have that it doesn't let you log in from Chrome is solved by reloading the page (it happens to me too), with CTRL + F5 it is solved.

Answered: 09/05/2020 3:29 am
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Well, I'm going to tell you about my experience yesterday. As I was reading the steps to mount the node, I saw that there was a specific app for my QNAP NAS, so I decided to mount it there instead of on the NUC.

First mishap. Generate identity. I followed the steps on the NUC. Error. I had to have done it on the big computer. It was spent like 1 hour or hour and a half generating keys. In a more powerful computer it would have taken much less.

Second setback, I don't know if I managed to put the directory paths correctly. It was not very clear to me seeing the tutorial the directory tree.

Third, the wallet address. Since I didn't have one, I decided to do some research to see where to register. The worst thing about not knowing something is having to soak up google in a short time looking for information on different pages (later I saw that in the storj faqs they recommended some page). In the end I signed up for for nothing special. Signing up is relatively easy, but... you have to send a photo of your ID so they can verify your identity. Another hour and a half waiting... When I managed to verify the identity, now start looking for that address wallet... In the end I found it, but the part about the virtual currencies is what seemed most cumbersome to me.

When I had all the configuration fields filled I gave start node and it gave me an error in the connection log or something like that. Googling I saw that more QNAP users had the same error. All in English forums. They put a possible solution that was editing a file and adding a command line, but nothing apparently simple. It was through sh, which I have never done through the NAS.

Given the failure to mount it on the qnap app, I decide to mount it on the NUC under windows with a dedicated 1TB hard drive. I start the installation and everything is correct. I install the node software (I had already routed the port) and when I run it I get Node Offline. Apart from that I couldn't put the entire 1TB of capacity (the system reserves a percentage) and I had to select 0.95 TB (or 0.9, I don't remember how much is the maximum I can put).

The server kept going offline, so I stopped it from the powershell, checked the port forwarding and restarted the node. Now I got online.

In windows it is easy to mount it, what happens is that it takes a while to have everything. I recommend generating the identity keys on a powerful computer. The worst was the identity verification on the coinbase page. If you already have an account open on a similar page, then that's what you save. If you have never opened an account, I don't know if other pages work the same.

I have requested 3 more auth tokens with other accounts to storj, but at the moment they have not arrived. My idea was to mount at least 2 more nodes in the nas through 2 virtual windows, but well, reading that it can cause problems, I'll wait to see if they make another video explaining this in more detail.

I have been able to verify that this does not consume any system resources, so the PC can be used without any problem. The only thing I have done is to put in the bios that if the pc is turned off, it will restart by itself.

Apart from that, the maximum consumption of the processor is 28 watts, and I have limited it to 14 watts with ThrottleStop, so it consumes much less than a dedicated PC.

In about 14 hours that it has been working it gives me:
Disk space used this amount: 1.73 GB*h
Bandwitch used this month: 3.54 GB

Answered : 09/05/2020 3:54 pm
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Roberto, thanks for your experience, go to the information bag 🙂

in the storj video where they explain the installation process they say that on less powerful computers it can take DAYS!! in generating identity. Yes or yes it seems that you have to do it on a powerful computer and then move it. The transfer of identity is what is not clear to me how it is done. someone?

Again in the storj forums and documentation they emphasize not using coinbase, or any exchange site. They recommend a wallet (web or hardware) specifically myetherwallet. I made an account yesterday but it makes me uneasy that I can't see anywhere what my private key is. I have a 6-digit pin and a series of 24 words, but I don't know the key as such. Maybe this is normal. In short, a whole world of cryptocurrencies. I suppose that for small amounts the issue of being in Coinbase will not matter, but it seems to be very risky. In any case, make sure that if it affects the transfer of the storj tokens, you will not lose them. As I say on their website they discourage it.

Researching on storj forums I have seen many people disappointed by the volume generated. If I have understood it correctly, even if you meet the requirements and your node does not fail, you may or may not receive traffic. Depending on the use made by the user who stores data in your node of their files, it will generate more or less traffic. Anyway, it's a bit of a lottery and many people said that after several months they couldn't even get $5 out of it. I think it is important to be clear about the risk in order to measure the investment.

Answered : 09/05/2020 7:02 pm
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I leave you the "road map" with all the aspects that, if I have understood correctly, affect the assembly of a storj node. Things to watch out for and things to investigate. In case someone helps.

* what equipment and components are optimal. Thanks raider 🙂
* Physical location of the node, which box format is appropriate.
* Wiring and connection (in a similar address it is not so evident)
* consider mounting a UPS
* backup system of the disk or folder of the node. (external drive / NAS...)
* consider ISP stability
* in node scaling situation, need for switch (or does the router do this?)
* get fixed ip (by isp or no-ip)
* port opening
* filtering in the firewall
* see how to manage traffic so as not to impact personal use of the connection
* Installation of the node and put "online"
* remote node control strategies. Programs like Team viewer?
* understand them!!!!
* obtaining a wallet in ETH
* understand the movement of currencies in an exchange. Currency exchange. Impact of commissions
* transfer from ETH to € (if not for what)
* difficulty running multiple nodes under a single IP
* Chance of the node not rooting and generating very low value
* Slow growth (a new node cannot be set up if the previous one is not consolidated, we are talking about months)
* Possibility of a bubble (in the medium term what will happen with this? make progressive investments)

Answered : 09/05/2020 7:25 pm
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I registered and before it wouldn't let me write.

I have many doubts.

Does anything happen if you mount it on the PC that I use for other things? The PC is usually on for a few hours a day, not 24 hours a day. Would it be a good option to mount it here?

I've been looking at a budget to build something new, instead of the recommendation to build a 3000g atlon, in case I don't use it for the node in the future, to be able to use it for something else or sell it.

I have also looked at something second-hand, but the price of buying a box with a processor, motherboard and memory and buying new disks is practically the same, but without warranty. so I discard it.

This thing that in months they have only taken out $5 in a few months, and the cryptocurrencies thing they throw me out, it is a big investment, cryptocurrencies, I have read something, but I do not know them, it would be interesting to know them now or in the future.

In any case, if I mount the node on my PC, which I use for a few hours, if later I want to mount the node on another PC, can I transfer the data and the hhd to the new PC, without losing anything?

Answered : 09/05/2020 7:30 pm
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Vicente, the topic of cryptocurrencies is a mess of twelve. Above all because we go with the mentality of the "physical" economy and the concept is different, so it is difficult to position yourself at the head. You have to study it and watch lots of videos and forums to get your bearings. I also think you have to know what you're doing at all times because your funds can blow up if you don't do things right.

From storj they recommend using your usual equipment, and not mounting a specific investment. It goes more with the philosophy I imagine, and according to them, the accounts do not come out if not. But yes, it has to be working 24/7, that is essential. They leave you 9h a month of disconnection, it is understood for maintenance or to resolve an incident, but you will not be able to turn off your equipment. I have also seen 2nd hand equipment, but precisely because it will have to be on continuously, hopefully for years 🙂 I am more relaxed with a new equipment.

I hope that clarifies something for you. I've been studying it a lot these days and that's why I have some answers, but in general I feel very lost XD

I'm also having a lot of problems logging into the forum, I don't know if an admin can give me a clue. Please

Answered : 09/05/2020 7:41 pm
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About cryptocurrencies, I've been listening to things for a few years, someday I have to get involved, I think they're interesting, so I'll have to learn.

having the pc on 24 hours a day doesn't work out for me with this pc. I have thought about another pc.

In the case of getting another pc with a double core atom cpu, could you put the internal ssd, and the external hdd, connected by usb 2.0? it would be a good idea? I have found an economical and compact one. I would only have to buy sdd hdd and external hdd parta box.

Answered : 09/05/2020 7:48 pm
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