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StorJ node installation guide on Raspberry Pi 4B

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Hi, I have already migrated from the external 1 Tb Hd with a box to the 5TB 2.5 "WD elemnts and it starts perfectly without external power, I only have the network cable connected, and hdd, everything by ssh. At the moment it seems that it is going well...

Answered : 14/06/2020 2:07 pm
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Well, I think it would be profitable if the question would be, when is it profitable? Since it was open to wait for it to fill up to at least 85% and for that to happen it could take a few months.

The node has to gain trust and go through that process is not from one week to the next.

But in conclusion it should be profitable.
If you do that project, tell us how it is evolving for you.

Currently we are already several using Raspberry Pi 4 - with external drives.

And so far no problem, sowing trust of the node hehehe


Answered : 14/06/2020 5:05 pm
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well, my idea is to make myself a NAS for my own use and dedicate only two 2TB disks in Raid1 to have data redundancy in the node, and I take advantage of 2tb in other two disks for my personal use, the idea of ​​mounting it with the pi It came to me before I saw the storeJ thing (in fact, I haven't assembled it yet), but the use of the Pi4 in my case is mandatory due to an issue of ELECTRICITY cost reduction, of course, the purchase of the 4GB Pi8 is not not spending money either , but thinking about the two uses, it seemed profitable to me and I already ordered it. I have the disks around here, so if the disks that I plan to use for storej fail, I still have an unused backup one, and then when I can, I would add another node.

Answered : 16/06/2020 6:12 pm
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After formatting the usb hard drive and restarting the raspberry pi it gives error timeout waiting for /dev/sda1 and enters emergency mode how can I do to solve this? It worked before but a few days ago my raspberry pi lost internet access I didn't realize it and after 21h of the node being inactive the node was drooling so now I'm recreating it and I can't get it to work

Answered: 29/06/2020 1:43 am
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