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Help extend Wi-Fi network

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I'm going crazy to extend the home Wi-Fi network. I have a couple of repeaters but the signal doesn't reach them well and I can't do anything.

I have these two devices at home:

A Tp-Link Network Extender/Access Point
TL-WA830RE -

And a Dlink Router
ADD 825 -

In the place where I want the Wi-Fi signal to arrive there is an rj45 connection, so if I put a cable Wi-Fi extender it would greatly improve the signal, but I don't know how to do it. The Tp-Link says that you can make an access point, but what difference does that have with extending the Wi-Fi signal? If I put it as an access point, can it be given the same name as the home Wi-Fi network? Will the computers know when to connect to it and when to connect to the general router if I'm somewhere else in the house? I say this because if I go to a place far from the Tp-Link we return to the same thing...

Can the router be used as an access point? I say this because having several network inputs could be used to extend the Wi-Fi signal (if the access point is good for that) and also connect other equipment by cable.

Thank you very much.

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