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All The Walking Dead comics are on sale in Humble Bundle


Possibly you are one of those who watches the series and is up to date or has left it but the world of the series interests you.

Well, Humble Bundle has all the comics on sale, in English. In this link you can buy them and help the web:

For one euro:

  • Main series up to volume 5
  • Free Comic Book Day

By 7,50 euros

  • Main series up to volume 13
  • Survivor's guide

By 13,50 €

  • Main series up to volume 23

For 16.50 euros

  • Complete main series
  • All Out War: AP Edition
  • Here's Negan

Wow, for what two physical volumes would cost you in Spain, you have the complete digital edition. Yes, in English, but it is a way to have it legal.

Topic starts Answered : 29/04/2020 11:29 pm
Esteemed Member

Well, if you're interested, it's not bad at all, the fact is that if there's anything worthwhile about The Walking Dead, it's the digital or paper comics, much more than the series.

Answered : 30/04/2020 4:03 pm
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