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Gigabyte History

The company we know today as Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd, also known simply as Gigabyte; It was founded in 1986 by Pei-Cheng Yeh. It is located in Taiwan and is known for being a manufacturer of motherboards, custom models of graphics cards, SSDs and liquid cooling. Many of its components are grouped within the Aorus brand, a brand used by consumer segment products focused on gaming. There are several of their keyboards, motherboards and custom models of graphics cards.

Logo currently used by Gigabyte

They also have a division for assembling servers such as racks and dedicated motherboards, and network equipment, so they do not only manufacture consumer-grade hardware.

Since 2006, they began manufacturing their motherboards in which all the capacitors were solid, which allowed them to be sold as long-lasting motherboards. In 2007 they released the ODIN GT series, a series of power supplies that was the first to be controlled by software.

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