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Smash Ultimate has sold more copies than Wii U have sold

Smash Ultimate has sold 14 million copies and what's left. Wii U has sold 13 million and has ended its useful life.

The Wii U was not nearly the success that Nintendo hoped to be. The idea of ​​the asymmetric game was fine but numerous problems such as the entry price, the catalog throughout its history and that the competition offered better options made it one of the loudest Nintendo failures. How did it sound? Super Smash Bros Ultimate sales data explains it.

More copies of a game than consoles sold

In the recent sales report published by Nintendo, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold some 14 physical and digital copies worldwide. The Wii U has sold over its lifetime, 730 units. There is no discussion: a game has sold more than an entire console.

To add insult to injury, the game in question is based on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, one of the best-selling games on the console. In addition, the Nintendo Switch title has a long way to go. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters has to come out, along with another character to be revealed from this season pass, and more to be announced soon.

With numbers like this it is understandable that many Wii U games are being relaunched on Nintendo Switch. This way they get more titles and take advantage of the work done to recoup the investment and win sales. But one thing is a key title of Nintendo consoles such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is also a very widespread version. Other games like a possible port of The Wonderful 101 or Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore might not have the same sales fate.

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