AMD Radeon Vega presented in event at CES 2017?

AMD's event for Day 5, the first round of CES 2017, could show a new graphics card… or maybe a new family of graphics cards.

AMD kicks off the year by announcing a new event, which coincidentally coincides with the first day of CES 2017 held in Las Vegas between January 5-8. There is no data on absolutely nothing, only a minute and a half video is seen, where 'Radeon Revolution' is talked about on posters and facades, there is a graffiti that clearly indicates 'VEGA' and a child with a drum that ends up in a room full of drums. Far from all this, there is no interesting data or information.

The normal thing, clearly, is that finally, after the fiasco and the ridicule of the first AMD presentation, called New Horizon, where we did not see any benchmark data on processors or GPUs, we were only told that they were there, without more. After such a bad event, it is expected that now, we will have an event before us, like the ones NVIDIA usually does, presenting the products and showing it, in addition to giving reference information, such as benchmarks or prices.

That AMD has in the oven, about to be perfectly known, a new graphics card, which may well be the RX 490 or a new range of Fury graphics. The logical thing would be that this graph was very powerful and with the new Crimson ReLive, the new drivers, it was not only powerful, but also energy efficient, something that in recent years AMD is lagging a lot, launching products that not only consume excessively, but also They also get overheated.

Be that as it may and put to speculate, we open the bets in the comments, but we bet more on the launch of a new graphics family capable of competing directly with the NVIDIA GTX 1000 series, since the RX 480 is more or less at the height of the GTX 1070. NVIDIA for its part at CES 2017 could present the GTX 1080Ti and who knows whether to lower the GPUs it already has on the market.

Source:  VE.GA

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  1. I am a newbie in this hardware, I am more of a fan, so I want to ask those who know about the subject, do you think that decent amd graphics will finally reach gaming laptops? and I don't mean 1 year from now, if not in the next few months there will be amd radeon for laptops? What do you think, I wait a few months or do I buy one with gtx 1050?

    1. Laptop and gaming are not compatible definitions, since a laptop must be light and portable and gaming laptops skip this feature by weight. We do not know what AMD will present at the event, whether a single graphics card or a full range. Wait now we don't know if it is the best solution in the world, but a couple of weeks of waiting still allow us all to know what's new. Weight gaming laptops with AMD graphics might not arrive until near summer.

      1. Man, there are models like the MSI GS, mine is a GS63VR, it doesn't weigh even 2 kg and it carries a 1060 and a 6700HQ :)

      2. why do they say these stupid things? It's not that I think it's bad that laptops shouldn't be for games, but unfortunately there are people who use them for it and there are gaming laptops. You plug them in and go. The biggest difference is in the cost and in the screen that is not going to be like a dedicated monitor with freesync or anything similar.

  2. The 480 will be more or less on a par with the 1060, right? It is that there it says 1070, and that will be that not xD

    1. They must have been wrong, which if it is better than the 1060, it is already on par in dx11 and better also in custom models. and in dx12 / vulkan it makes a considerable difference.

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