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Australia will keep the video games developed in the country

Australia has decided that it is important to preserve video games so that they are not lost. Its National Image and Sound Archive will host games created on Australian soil.

The concept of preserving and preserving video games is gaining strength given that between the deterioration of physical media and the disappearance of games in digital stores (Ducktales Remastered as a recent example), preventing these games from being lost is a huge task. The National Library of Spain it plans to start doing so, but its Australian counterpart has already started preserving video games.

Australian games preserved

The Australian Image and Sound Institute has announced that it will retain renowned games that have been developed on Australian soil. This way they will be able to be conserved, documented and exhibited for future generations and that way they are not lost.

Many are wondering why such an effort to preserve games in institutional libraries if normally only books are kept there. These libraries are usually repositories of cultural elements since they already include movies and songs; elements of today's culture, and video games are becoming more and more relevant.

That is why that institution in Australia will have available copies of the games it hosts along with storyboards, conceptual arts, and soundtracks. The games chosen to become part of this collection are the following:

  • The Hobbit
  • Shadowrun
  • LA Noire
  • Submerged
  • Hollow Knight
  • Florence
  • Spire 1: Operative VR

Source: Nintendo Life

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