AMD RX 580, RX 570 and RX 550 Benchmarks

Benchmarks and in-depth leaked specifications of the RX 580, RX 570 and RX 550

Recently, a multitude of benchmarks have been leaked about the graphics that AMD will release throughout this month of April. Although in this article we will limit ourselves to mentioning the objective data and benchmarks that have been known and I will avoid making any subjective judgment on these RX 500, I do have to mention that these are practically the same as their predecessors the RX 400 with the same architecture Polaris 10, but with somewhat higher frequencies.

AMD Radeon RX 580

As we mentioned at the beginning, this GPU is very similar to the RX 480 and has the same Polaris 10 architecture, only with somewhat improved memory frequencies compared to the reference models of its predecessor. It will have 2304 stream processors, 144 TMUs, 32 ROPs and a 1340 MHz chip. Its total performance will be 6,17 TFLOPs thanks to 5GHz GDDR8 memory, to choose if you want 4GB or 8GB. The price that it will come out with is expected to be similar to or slightly lower than the RX 480, between $ 199 and $ 249.

Benchmark in 3DMark Firestreak


Benchmark on Firestreak Extreme



AMD Radeon RX 570:

This model has the Polaris 10 XL architecture and is even more similar to its predecessor the RX 470 than the previously mentioned model. The chip of this will have 2048 cores and a chip frequency of 1200 MHz, its total performance will exceed 5 TFLOPs. With the option of 8GB of VRAM memory we will have a total bandwidth of 224 GB / s and we will also have the option of 4GB. The price of this will be around between $ 149 and $ 199.

Benchmark in 3DMark Firestreak


Benchmark on Firestreak Extreme


AMD Radeon RX 550

When we turn to this last GPU is when unknowns begin to appear and we realize that since there is NO RX 450 we do not have any reference on which to base ourselves. The little we have known is that it will have a somewhat lower performance than the RX 460 and that there will be two variants, one 2GB and the other 4GB. Other known factors are that it will occupy a single slot, which will come in 1 fan configurations (single fan). What will make it really competitive will be factors such as its very low price, around $ 99, and its extremely low consumption.

Benchmark on Firestreak Extreme



The Radeon RX 500 range will hit the market on April 11 if there is no unexpected delay (very typical of all hardware companies). As in all generations, we hope that the assemblers do a good job and manage to improve the frequencies and cooling systems than the reference models, in order to obtain GPUs with greater power and a lower price. On the other hand, every day there are more rumors that point to the presentation of the new architecture in May, but this is already speculation.


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