Biostar will manufacture its Intel Arc graphics models

In a discreet way, the Biostar brand has presented its first graphics card based on Intel Arc graphics processors through a message on its social networks. the card is intended for entry-level gaming PCs.

The fact that Intel has a new AIB partner and that Biostar now has GPU-equipped graphics cards from all three major manufacturers is expected to be a step forward. That would give Biostar more catalog and It is expected that there will be more availability of this model of graphics card.

Biostar joins the manufacturing of custom Intel Arc models

The Biostar Intel Arc A380 graphics card shown at Computex 2023 is based on the ACM-G11 processor and features a single-fan cooler design. The AIB does not require auxiliary PCIe power connectors and is expected to fit into most new or existing desktop computers, including Mini-ITX chassis, so it can be used in both new and upgrade PCs. For now it is not clear if Biostar plans to offer these products worldwide.

The board first appeared in a Biostar video posted on May 31, 2023. Shortly after it was spotted at Biostar's Computex 2023 booth by WCCFTech writer Hassan Mujtaba.

While Intel is by far one of the biggest brands in the world of computing components at every level, its entry into the consumer GPU space has not been received with much enthusiasm by major manufacturers of video cards. Today, Intel has several partners who make AIBs equipped with its independent graphics processors, including ASRock, Acer, Gigabyte, Gunnir, MSI, and Sparkle. Added to that list is Biostar, which for now it has only announced the Arc A380 that was shown at Computex 2023, and that is if we take that they have shown it as an official announcement. It is to be expected that they will make more models, specifically the refresh that would arrive this year, and the battlemage.

Source: Anandtech

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