The DGT expects electric scooters to have compulsory insurance

The electric scooter is becoming one of the most accessible urban transport methods for many young and old. It does not require a license to operate and allows you to move between various points, so the use of the electric scooter in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville is getting bigger and more accessible. And in the face of such use, the DGT wants the electric scooter to have compulsory insurance comparable to that of automobiles.

Pepe Navarro, the general director of traffic for Spain, has made it known that several administrations are beginning to demand the obligatory nature of insurance for one-person mobility vehicles. This would include electric bicycles and electric scooters.

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Municipalities and prosecutors want insurance for electric scooters

Pepe Navarro specified that it is the city councils of several cities and the prosecution who advocate for electric scooters to have insurance like car insurance. This would imply that in the event of accidents that cause damage, users are covered. The insurances could also offer services such as replacement scooter, repairs in the workshop and delivery of the same at home.

This compulsory insurance is already on the agenda of the Government of Spain and it is not something unique, since at least in France they have already implemented this model. The DGT is also studying implementing them in its road safety policy, which would imply the dissemination and execution of the laws related to electric scooters, and collect data on related accidents.

This would imply that they could begin to impose fines on electric scooters that go on the sidewalk and not on the road, or users who go on roads that do not have their passage allowed. If true, it would be necessary to make car and motorcycle drivers aware that electric scooter users do not invade the roads, but rather share them with them, since like cyclists, they are much less protected from physical accidents than drivers

Source: Europa Press

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