Elgato Unveils Wave DX Dynamic Microphone for Content Creators

The Elgato brand specializing in hardware solutions for content creators has announced the launch of the Wave DX dynamic microphone. It comes as a premium XLR microphone with a dynamic capsule in collaboration with LEWITT Audio. this microphone works with any XLR preamp or audio interface so you can generate studio-quality sound from the first moment you connect.

This model has been designed from the ground up to reproduce clear voices without artifacts and capture crystal clear audio. to make sound editing easier than ever for creators, be they youtubers or podcasters. Its wide cardioid polar pattern captures both realistic bass and highs in great detail, while rejecting unwanted background noise. The internal pop filter reduces pops and hiss, and its tempered steel chassis and perforated grille reduce noise reflections and protect the capsule.

Elgato launches a new microphone to make audio and podcast recording easier

When paired with the Wave XLR microphone interface, the Elgato Wave DX integrates with the Wave Link software mixer to blend your mic signal with various audio sources, create submixes, and add third-party VST effects. It also seamlessly integrates with the Stream Deck for instant, tactile control of your entire audio workflow. Its capacitive mute button and multifunction control dial make direct control easy, while Elgato's Clipguard prevents sound distortion when input levels peak.

The Wave DX is postulated as an option to improve the setup as a starter, and provides what is necessary for a professional sound. thus, it becomes an option for nobel or professional youtubers, streamers and podcasters, who understand the need to offer content with good audio quality. This is possibly one of the most important factors for people to stay on the stream you are broadcasting, see the video you have put together or stay listening to the podcast that you have recorded

The Elgato Wave DX microphone is available now through the network of authorized Elgato and CORSAIR retailers and distributors around the world. It's backed by a two-year warranty, CORSAIR and Elgato's worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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