Graphics assemblers expect sales to continue thanks to Ethereum and Zcash mining

Graphics card builders expect the sales trend from Ethereum and Zcash mining to continue as they are achieving high sales volume.

The mining of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Zcash or Lbry have emptied the shelves of retailers and wholesalers, as far as graphics cards are concerned and the thing could continue with an important and solid demand. Sellers are very optimistic about sales and what some or almost all of us think would be a new cryptocurrency mining boom, is becoming a stable trend, favoring the sale of graphics cards based on NVIDIA GPUs and AMD GPUs for the Ethereum or Zcash mining.

According to a report, Gigabyte (NVIDIA and AMD), MSI (NVIDIA and AMD), TUL (AMD), Colorful (AMD) and KFA2 (NVIDIA) have dramatically increased sales of graphics cards for mining. ASUS, at the beginning of the year, was the most conservative regarding mining cryptocurrencies, but sources at the company expect it to follow the trend this year. DigiTimes highlights that this practice benefits graphics card assemblers, stating that today, thanks to mining, Gigabyte achieves more revenue from graphics cards than from motherboards, for the first time in the company's history:

Thanks to strong graphics card sales, several graphics card vendors such as TUL or Sapphire saw their trading volumes turn profitable in QXNUMX, while MSI and Gigabyte also saw significant revenue, both QXNUMX and QXNUMX. the third trimester. Gigabyte's earnings from the graphics card business have also outpaced the motherboard segment for the first time in history. '

The surge in sales due to the mining of Ethereum and Zcash has taken the market completely by surprise and that has caused a shortage of graphics cards, especially AMD and a sharp rise in prices, especially AMD, who has difficulties at the time to replenish stock of graphics cards. NVIDIA has had fewer problems, but some GTX 1070 models have been difficult to find in some periods.

Source: DigiTimes

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