The price of RAM memory could rise up to 40% more until the end of the year, so we recommend everyone to buy the equipment right now or at least get the RAM.

If you are going to buy a team in the coming weeks or want to wait for Christmas or Black Friday, to renew your team, don't even think about it, buy it right now because things are getting very serious. RAM and SSDs are already at a completely ridiculous price, but things are getting even worse, since it is expected that at least DDR4 RAM will become even more expensive between now and the end of the year. According to DigiTimes data, the price… COULD RISE UP TO 40%!

DigiTimes echoes the report made by IC Insights, who has highlighted that the price of RAM memory from now until the end of the year could rise by at least 40%, it could even be much more, which is a very important problem for those who want to build a new computer, because they will lose performance, due to the price of the [amazon_textlink asin = 'B00J8E8ZLK' text = 'RAM memory' template = 'ProductLink' store = 'hardwa028-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id = '2a8116d2-9cc6-11e7-ac2e-f149f31b14f0 ′], because they will have to cut the processor, motherboard, graphics, chassis and power supply to pay for the RAM memory, which is already beginning to call out bad words.

"Just a year ago, DRAM buyers took full advantage of the oversupply portion and negotiated the lowest possible price with DRAM manufacturers, regardless of whether DRAM vendors lost money on the deal." Say IC Insights

“Previously, when DRAM capacity was in short supply and vendors were enjoying record profits, one or more vendors would eventually break out of range and start adding additional DRAM capacity to capture additional sales and market share. DRAM ”said IC Insights.

It seems that the interest of the manufacturers is to recover all that was lost, when they sold the memories very cheap, reducing the benefits. Users do not matter at all, they are only looking for money and it seems that the excuse of smartphones has only been a smokescreen to hide the reality, that what they want is to increase income by raising the price of the memories artificially, reaching triple the price of the end of last year. It should be noted that it is absurd that 4GB are around € 16-125 at least and 150GB cost more than € 32, more expensive than an NVIDIA GTX 260 or an AMD RX 1060. Crazy.

The bad words crowd us when we read that the memory manufacturers have achieved outstanding income. Micron, for example, has revenue of 5.570 billion dollars, which represents a net profit of 1.650 billion dollars, with an increase in profits of 30%, while SK Hynix reports 2.190 billion dollars of net profit, which represents an increase in profit of 37%. Makes you want to go see the stores of these manufacturers and do something stupid, right?

Source: DigiTimes

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  1. The great thing would be that Intel and amd start to make architectures that use hbm2 memory and incidentally it serves to lower the price of those memories.

    1. I have been referring to the same for a long time ... I find it very convenient that the BMI of the CPUs instead of handling DDR makes use of HBM2 both for the system and for sharing with the integrated iGPUs, lowering latencies and improving integration in addition to the gain of performance this would entail.

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