Leaked a screenshot of the possible NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti for gaming laptops

NVIDIA may have a laptop version of the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti ready, which could be in MXM format and will arrive shortly on high-end laptops.

NVIDIA's highest-ranking graphics cards are not usually lavished for laptops, what's more, there is no version of any Titan for laptops, due to the power consumption of these graphics cards and their TDP, which limits the implementation in This teams. This changed the version of Maxwell notebooks and the company bet on bringing the high-end to the notebook market. That led to the development of custom MXM graphics cards and as a result, full graphics chips were developed for notebook computers.

This was an important opening for the arrival of great graphics power in portable computers. Right now, there are no obstacles for NVIDIA graphics cards based on Big Pascal to reach laptops and that is something that could happen. According to the NotebookReview forum, NVIDIA has developed a new graphics card in MXM format, but much more powerful than the GTX 1080. To demonstrate this, a screenshot has been published showing 11GB of GDDR5X memory and a 352-bit data bus . You don't see a GP104 GPU with this configuration and the memory bus is only available on the GP102 GPU.

The graphics card has not been directly named in the post, but the file clearly mentions the GTX 1080 Ti: “KM3_1080_Ti_SCv2.jpg”. The GPU-Z screenshot would show a new GTX 1080 Ti for laptops, which would have the same configuration as the desktop GPU and would have 3584 CUDA Cores. It may be that the screenshot shows the wrong number of TMU and ROP.

It stands out from the capture, that the capture shows a development board with the same frequencies as the GTX 1080 Ti, which would mean that we are looking for complete graphics cards and is also accompanied by the 3DMark11 score. We do not have data regarding the release date of this graphics card or how many laptops will incorporate it or which will be the first to have one of these graphics cards. Most likely, a laptop with this graphics card costs a lot of money.

Source: videocardz

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