Gigabyte launches an NVIDIA RTX 2070 in a white version

Gigabyte surprises us once again with a new release. In this case we find a new graphics card, we will find this graphics card in an arctic white color. Mostly white colors predominate.

Lately all the brands are surprising us with new releases of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX. From Asus with a "Vintage" model to Gigabyte with this new graphics card in predominantly white. We all know that these new graphics come to transform the market with RayTracing and DLSS, they are doing quite well. Apart from all the power that we can find in this type of graphics card, the fact that they come in various colors and that are more aesthetic help us to have a quite enviable setup.



As I have said before, the predominant color is arctic white. In its triple ventilation we find a matte black color that makes the graphics card stand out quite a bit. We can also see how we find pieces of the graph in a light gray color.

The graphics card PCB is found in a black color which makes it quite distinguishable. The backplate is in a white color, which in its center you can find the Gigabyte logo.


In the part of the ventilation we find three 90mm fans and their well-known technology that allows the fans to turn off at the moment when it is with low load or when the graphics card has no load.


As connectivity we find the famous NVIDIA NVLINK, to interconnect several graphics cards. For power we find an 8 + 6 pin configuration. On the back we find three DisplayPort 1.4, a single HDMI and finally a USB Type-C for the next generation of virtual reality glasses.


For this product we find a 4-year warranty at the time we register the graphics card on the official website.

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