GoPro has closed the drone division and dismisses the 250 workers of this division

GoPro has decided to close the company's drone division, due to the failure in sales that it has caused and this entails the dismissal of the 250 workers of this division.

We all know GoPro, for its sports cameras, which have been successful in recent years and have been replicated many times. The company has a division specialized in drones, which was developed after the interest of users in this market, an interest that has waned in recent years. GoPro has only launched one drone since it developed this division, but the company has announced the closure of this division, which has only developed one of these devices, with doubtful success and which will cause the dismissal of the 250 workers in this division.

The company has put as an 'excuse', the high level of activity in a market, where there are hundreds of solutions and regulatory standards, as causes for the cessation of activity. DJI is the market leader, with very good solutions and against which GoPro has not been able to compete with the only product they have launched and that makes the company's crisis worse, which is far from what it was three years ago, when everyone wanted one of these popular and expensive cameras.

Getting into the drone market has been a bad idea for the company, as it has failed to capture public interest. This is not the first time that the company has to lay off workers, specifically it is the fourth since 2016. The company's situation is not the best and requires urgent measures to be taken again. The company right now has less than a thousand workers around the world, although they have already said that they will work on several strategies for this year, with the intention of improving the situation of the company.

The Karma drone, the only one the company has launched, will remain on the market until stocks are exhausted. The company has said that they want to buy it, they will continue to have support from the company against possible breakdowns or other problems. We'll see what GoPro introduces this year.

Source: The Verge

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