AMD hardware can't handle the 4K @ 60fps Microsoft aims for in Project Scorpio

We talked about the hardware of Microsoft's Project Scorpio, above all, we reviewed the AMD Jaguar processor and the AMD Radeon graphics and analyzed whether or not it really can with 4K @ 60fps resolutions.

During E2 2017, Microsoft's Project Scorpio will be seen for the first time in all its glory and we will see it work with games. This Microsoft console theoretically has to work with 4K @ 60fps resolution natively. The console will carry a Jaguar-based octa-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz and an AMD Radeon graphics card with 2560 Stream Processors running at 1172GHz. Data about the console is missing, but with the data we have, we see unlikely that this is feasible.

The explanation is simple. The AMD RX 580 with 2304 Stream Processors and a factory clock of 1257MHz, based on a refined Polaris 10 GPU, moves 4K, but hopefully at 30FPS, what's more, the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti at certain gaming moments has trouble moving resolutions 4K @ 60fps, especially in moments with many textures. The reasons are two in this case: the bandwidth of the PCIe 3.0, which falls short for 4K resolutions and the processor, since the processors are a fundamental factor, because they must handle important data packets and it costs them. The Ryzen are more fluid in this regard, because they have many cores, but of course, they are a new architecture.

We have serious doubts that an AMD Jaguar-based processor and a graphics card with 2560 Stream Processors can do 4K. Another factor is memory and the curious way it has been distributed. The console has 12GB GDDR5, of which 3GB GDDR5 goes to the system and the remaining 9GB GDDR5 to the graphics card. These 9GB, if not used entirely by the game, the amount that 'over', is destined to cache memory, to speed up the slow loads of a mechanical hard disk, which has at least five times less read and write speeds than a SSD, which affects the load between zones of the game, slowing down the load, which will be larger due to the 4K resolution.

Thermal paste: Robert Hallock, AMD engineer explains on Reddit how to put it right

Another important piece of information is AMD Vega. We know that the new AMD Vega (as AMD has not said), using HBM2 memory, will be able to move 4K @ 60fps games, therefore, it seems strange to us that the Project Scorpio is actually capable of moving games at resolution and with the specified fps rate. You probably have a Polaris GPU, because Vega GPUs have not yet reached the PC gaming market and unless Microsoft has put a lot of money on the table to keep the first batch of these GPUs, they are unlikely to use Vega GPUs and Polaris GPUs, from what can be seen in many reviews, will not give that resolution and graphical fluency.

AMD Vega

AMD products are characterized by having a good performance / price, there is no doubt about that and they are loved by users, because they offer very good performance in 1080p resolutions (we will put consumption aside, in this case), reaching the 1080p @ 60fps, a standard resolution among the gaming market, because the price of 4K monitors is still very high and most opt ​​for 1080p.

The most logical thing is that this weekend, during E3 2017 we will see the console in action and for the next few days or weeks we will see if it can really move 4K resolutions smoothly or if it scales to this resolution, to really be able to reach 60fps. It seems quite clear that by hardware, with a Jaguar processor that is more than three years old and that has allowed Intel to have a year of supremacy in the hardware market, it cannot even by chance with 4K resolutions, no matter how many cores it has.

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  1. They are already selling smoke, like Sony with the play 4 pro, what a band of scammers

    1. Sell ​​smoke, but if nothing has been said about the console you are talking about if it has 1.4 Tflops more than the PS4 pro: D what a plan ..

  2. But what the fuck. Go m ***** of article. Dedicate yourself to your work, because what is hardware little thing ... tr * ll ...

  3. How can a headline affirm something and in the development of the analysis have serious "doubts"?
    P.S; Forcing 4k 60fps in Scorpio is a test isn't it?

    1. From the previous note, comment that it seems to me that many opinions or very particular conclusions are provided!

    2. Forza 4k 60fps. My pc runs minesweeper at 4k, but here what they are talking about is the power that the polaris architecture has with the most demanding current games, if what Microsoft has said about the Scorpio is true, it will be able to run games at 4k without problems but for the 60 fps would have to do a very big downgrade to games. I personally believe that it is the first console that is really good, from what they have presented, but it seems a shame that they impose 4k like this when they could give an incredible experience at 1080p, that and the fact that a person who has enough money for a 4k screen, a PC will suit you better.

  4. According to Microsoft, it added very particular modifications to the CPU allowing it to free load towards these units or to the same GPU that is based on polaris + some features present in VEGA. They also say that they added very tight HW support that improves performance with DX12. in addition to the fact that GDDR5 is being used for the system instead of the DDR3 that would correspond to it, it generates performance gains.

    I say! Ami do not believe me and what's more ... I do not defend the console, I only expose what I have read and that there are many details that could work ... although I think that at most it will work at 2K with scaling to achieve smooth 4K unless MS has some other trick up your sleeve

  5. I freak out with the headlines, that's why I'm going to elchpuzasinformatico ...
    - AMD has been since 295 × 2 »over 2 years» with full 4k ultra support. Then the PRO DUO ... etc ... AMD is brutal, now with RYZEN etc ... and also still has the most powerful graphics in the world. Now Apple has released everything with AMD and 2 gpus etc…. it is freaking out how some want to sink AMD with Intel dough ...

  6. Battlefront 2 4k / 60fps salute you.

    What a troll page, and among my friends I have promoted that they do not visit this page and among them they will do it with their friends, on Facebook and Twitter.

    I hope they can change and be more serious and not get so much clickbait.

  7. This article is embarrassing for two reasons. Its disastrous writing and its subjectivity, even more shameful if possible.

  8. Well, as far as I know, consoles always perform better with hardware than in PC, we are going that with the GPU that the current one has, its desktop twin yields much less because the games run with low-level apis (type dx 12 and vulkan) it is not that the consoles are good but they have that advantage over the pc which is that they optimize everything for them and they do not do cutreports as in pc so 4k @ 60 are possible but they will not be comparable to those of pc

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