Roadmap talks about Zen 3+ based AMD Warhol and Zen 4 delay until mid-2022

A roadmap is leaked indicating that AMD would launch the Warhol processors based on Zen 3+ this year and by mid-2022 the Raphael based on Zen4

Taiwanese foundry TSMC is currently unable to meet demand from AMD. This would be a big problem that you could cause changes in AMD's plans. According to a leak, the AMD Zen 4 architecture could be delayed until mid-2022. In addition, a new range of processors called Phoenix has been leaked.

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AMD could delay Zen 4 until mid-2022, according to a rumor

Initially the AMD roadmap indicated that the Zen 4 architecture would arrive in 2022. A few days ago the rumor of a possible Zen 3+ architecture appeared, which would be a bridge with Zen 4. Well, it seems that Warhol (hypothetical Ryzen 6000) would be based in Zen 3+.

Warhol would come to replace the Vermeer family (Ryzen 5000) and it would be based on Zen 3+. Raphael would come to replace Warhol and it would already be with the Zen4 @ 5nm architecture. Raphael highlights that there is a question mark in a yellowish box that says PCIe and a box where Navi graphics appear. This could indicate that the desktop Ryzen processors could end up including graphics.

So Warhol could be a review of the current Ryzen 5000 processors. Remember that a few months ago AMD launched the Matisse Refresh processors, which arrive with better frequencies and nothing more. Warhool would be AMD Zen 3+ under the 6nm node, which would offer more than a slight boost in frequencies.

Below these we see the AMD Picasso and Renoir laptop processors, already launched and the Cezanne that will arrive shortly on the market and Rembrandt that will arrive in 2022. The latter would be based on Zen 3+ @ 6nm and by 2023 the Phoenix based on Zen 4 @ 5nm.

The great question remains whether the Warhol family will change the socket. Seeing that they are still using PCIe 4.0 and nothing of DDR5 is indicated, it is possible that the socket is maintained. It would make little sense to switch sockets without including support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5.

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