Benchmark of AMD EPYC Milan processors

A few weeks ago, the AMD Ryzen 5000 processors with Zen3 architecture were launched on paper. Unfortunately finding these processors on the market is a true utopia. Well, now the possible specifications and benchmarks of the new AMD EPYC Milan have been leaked. In addition to the possible specifications, some performance tests of these processors have also been leaked.

The leaked benchmarks show a big performance jump. We must bear in mind that Zen3 offers an IPC improvement of 19% compared to Zen2. So the EPYC Milan should offer a huge leap in performance, generally improving the efficiency of these new processors.

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Filtering possible benchmark of the AMD EPYC Milan

The leaked benchmark would appear to be the AMD EPYC 7713 processor from the EPYC Milan family. The image shows only number of cores and Boost frequency, which corresponds to the specifications of the mentioned processor. Note that the EPYC 7713 has 64 cores and 128 threads with a base frequency of 2.0GHz and arrives in Boost mode at 3.7GHz.

The EPYC 7713 has been compared to the EPYC 7H12 (Rome) with a 3.3GHz Boost frequency. Both processors have 64 cores and the difference between them is the architecture and working frequencies.

We can see that in mononucleus we have an improvement of between 22% and 32%, depending on the tested software. The truth is that it is a big jump for such a 'small' Boost frequency difference. Note that in multicore the difference is reduced to 9-11%, which although it seems little, is a lot.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is to see the performance of both processors at the same frequency. The two processors have been configured to work at 2.4GHz. Under the same frequency, the Milan processor achieves between 11% and 18% more performance compared to the Rome.

Possible specifications

ProcessorCORES / THREADSBase frequencyboost frequencyCACHE L3CACHE L2TDP
AMD EPYC 7763Zones2.45 GHz3.50 GHz256 MB32 MB280W
AMD EPYC 7713Zones2.00 GHz3.70 GHz256 MB32 MB225W
AMD EPYC 75F3Zones2.95 GHz4.00 GHz256 MB32 MB280W
AMD EPYC 7413Zones2.65 GHz3.60 GHz128 MB16 MB180W
AMD EPYC 7313Zones3.00 GHz3.70 GHz128 MB16 MB155W
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