Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H Benchmark Says It Hits 5 GHz

In the coming months, the announcement of the Meteor Lake generation is expected, a generation characterized by being focused on notebooks and ultrabooks. to make them more energy efficient. There could be a top of the range in cases such as office automation, and that could be the Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H, which has recently been seen in a benchmark.

A silicon sample prior to the official launch of Meteor Lake has reappeared thanks to a client platform from Intel Corporation. It has undergone evaluation through Geekbench 6.1.0.

Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H is seen in a new benchmark

This database entry, discovered by Benchleaks, features another engineering sample of the Core Ultra 100H series of mobile CPUs. This candidate could end up being called “Core Ultra 165H” once it officially hits the market.

The Meteor Lake client platform has been tested with a Core Ultra 7 1002H CPU mounted on an MTL-P LP5x T4 RVP board, with access to 12 GB of memory. The Geekbench Browser page mentions clock speeds of 3,4 GHz (base) and 4,988 GHz. It has a configuration of 6 performance cores and 10 efficiency cores, which matches a previously leaked Core Ultra 7 165H.

In the Geekbench 6.1 benchmark, it achieved a score of 2439 points on a single core, above the Meteor Lake samples leaked to date. The multi-core score is 12668 points, slightly behind other scores.

Source: Kitguru

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