The price of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, COULD REDUCE 20% in JULY

Finally the wait has been worth it and thanks to the graphics cards not sold for mining, we could see a price cut of 20%

For months most users have protested about the rise in prices of graphics cards, blaming mining, although this has only been an excuse, very perfect, to raise prices and get a little more profit. Well, it seems that your tears have not been in vain and according to Digitimes, a very reliable medium, citing industry sources, indicates that the price of graphics could fall by an average of 20% during the month of July.

Graphics cards could drop 20% in price in July.

There are several factors. The first is that cryptocurrency mining is frozen due to the contraction of the price of Bitcoin (which could skyrocket in July, which is when the Bitcoin futures expire), which causes that graphs are not bought to mine Ethereum, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Verge and other friendly cryptocurrencies with EthHas, Equihas and others. We add to this that the manufacturers have thrown themselves to mass-produce graphics, before a forecast of more demand, clearly failed and now they collect dust. You just have to see that NVIDIA has eaten more than 300.000 GPUs. Do not be fooled either, because the moment all cryptocurrencies skyrocket in value, graphs will be bought again by the handful.

Right now the market would have several million units in stock and most importantly, NVIDIA would have a million GTX 11 Series waiting to see the sunlight. So to solve the problem, they have thrown themselves to lower prices so massive. But this has a negative part and that is that Digitimes also reports that due to this, the new generation graphics are relegated to the last quarter of this year.

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