GIGABYTE updates the BIOS of its motherboards for security reasons

The GIGABYTE Technology brand, has released a recent BIOS update for its motherboards for security reasons. They assure that they have always prioritized cybersecurity and information security, and for this reason they maintain their commitment to foster close collaboration with the relevant units and implement solid security measures to protect their users.

GIGABYTE engineers claim that have already mitigated the potential risks and uploaded the BIOS Beta of the series Intel 700, intel 600 and AMD 500 and AMD 400 to the official website after extensive testing and validation of the new BIOS on GIGABYTE motherboards.

GIGABYTE BIOSes are now more secure

To strengthen system security, GIGABYTE has implemented stricter security controls in its motherboard BIOSes during the operating system boot process. These measures are designed to detect and prevent any potential malicious activity, giving users enhanced protection.

gigabyte z590 aorus master_1

First is the signature verification. Thus, GIGABYTE has strengthened the process of validating files downloaded from remote servers. This enhanced verification ensures the integrity and legitimacy of the content, thwarting any attempt by attackers to insert malicious code.

Then there are the privileged access limitations. GIGABYTE has enabled standard cryptographic verification of remote server certificates. This ensures that files are downloaded exclusively from servers with valid and trusted certificates, ensuring an additional layer of protection.

BIOS updates for Intel 500, Intel 400 and AMD 600 series chipset motherboards as well will be published on the official GIGABYTE website, along with updates for previously released motherboards. GIGABYTE recommends that users regularly visit the official GIGABYTE website for future BIOS updates to keep their equipment up to date with compatibility and security updates.

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